Retention Rates

Retention rates measure the percentage of first-time students (who have never enrolled in college before) who first enroll in the fall semester and are still enrolled in the college a year later (the following fall semester). For example, 66% of the first-time, full-time students who enrolled at Schoolcraft in the fall of 2018 were still enrolled in the fall 2019 semester.

Retention Rates 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Full-Time Students 62% 58% 66%
Part-Time Students 48% 48% 48%

Data source: IPEDS Fall Enrollment Report

Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

Federal government regulations require graduation rates and transfer-out rates to be calculated based on students completing a program within 150% of the expected time to program completion, which is 3 years for a 2-year associate degree and 2 years for a 1-year certificate program.

It is important to note that these rates only measure full-time, degree-seeking students who started in the fall semester and haven’t attended college before. At Schoolcraft, this group only represents 17% of all students enrolled in fall of 2018.

  2009 Cohort 2010 Cohort 2011 Cohort 2012 Cohort 4-Year Average
Graduation Rate 19% 17% 17% 14% 17%
Transfer-Out Rate 28% 34% 31% 30% 31%
Success Rate
(Graduation + Transfer-Out Rate)
47% 51% 48% 44%  

Data source: IPEDS Graduation Rate Reports

*When the College first offered a bachelor's degree in 2015, it was then classified as a 4-year institution solely for IPEDS reporting. As a result, Schoolcraft is required to report graduation rates for the cohort 6 years prior, unlike other community colleges reporting on a cohort 3 years prior.

Graduation Rates by Gender

2012 Student Cohort Graduation Rate
Male 14%
Female 15%

Graduation Rates by Ethnicity

2012 Student Cohort Graduation Rate
American Indian/Alaskan Native 11%
Asian 17%
Black/African American 3% 
Hispanic/Latino  17% 
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander  0% 
White 19% 
Two or More Races  29% 
Race & Ethnicity Unknown 8% 
Non-Resident Alien  14% 

Graduation Rates by Pell Grant Status

2012 Student Cohort Graduation Rate
Recipients of a Pell Grant (within students' first year)  15% 
Recipients of a Direct Subsidized Loan (within students' first year) who did not receive a Pell Grant  10% 
Did not receive a Pell Grant or Direct Subsidized Loan (within students' first year)  20% 

Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Student Aid

Outcomes for First-Time Students Receiving Athletically Related Aid 2013 Cohort
(n=27 students)
Graduation Rate 26%
Transfer-Out Rate 30%
Success Rate(Graduation + Transfer-Out Rate) 56%

Athletically Related Aid by Gender

Outcomes for First-Time Students Receiving Athletically Related Aid by Gender 2013 Male Cohort
2013 Female Cohort
Graduation Rate 9% 38%
Transfer-Out Rate 27% 31%
Success Rate(Graduation + Transfer-Out Rate) 36% 69%

Athletically Related Aid by Sport

Outcomes for First-Time Students Receiving Athletically Related Aid by Sport Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Men’s Soccer
Women’s Soccer
Women’s Volleyball
Graduation Rate 14% * * 40% 50%
Transfer-Out Rate 0% * * 40% 25%
Success Rate(Graduation + Transfer-Out Rate) 14% * * 80% 75%

*To protect student privacy and confidentiality, graduation and transfer-out rates for students receiving athletically related aid are not disaggregated when there are further than 5 students per group.

Job Placement

Job placement information is obtained from a survey of Schoolcraft students who graduated between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Graduates received the survey six months after their graduation date.

  Percentage of 2017-18 Graduates
(n=498 respondents)
Overall graduate employment rate  74% 
Employed full-time 67% 
Employed part-time  33% 
Employed in field related to degree/certificate  64% 
Median Salary
(among graduates employed full-time in a field related to their degree/certificate - data is self-reported) 
Pursuing Further Education
(currently enrolled at the time of survey) 

Data source: Schoolcraft College Graduate Follow-Up Survey (2017-18 Graduates)

Student Body Diversity

Full-Time Students Enrolled in Fall 2019 Number  Percentage 
Male  1,121 50% 
Female  1,119 50% 

Full-Time Students Enrolled in Fall 2019 Number Percentage
American Indian/Alaskan Native <1% 
Asian  110 5% 
Black/African American  216 10% 
Hispanic/Latino  145 6% 
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander  <1% 
White  1,473 66% 
Two or More Races  69  3% 
Race & Ethnicity Unknown 120 5% 
Non-Resident Alien  93 4% 

*Exact number suppressed to protect student privacy

Full-Time, First-Time Students Enrolled in Fall 2017 Number Percentage
Recipients of a Federal Pell Grant  320  37% 

Data sources: IPEDS Fall Enrollment; IPEDS Student Financial Aid, Community College Service Unit Fall Enrollment Reports, 2019

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