What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that is used by our Online, Hybrid, OEOE and some on-campus courses for course content.

Blackboard Courses

Courses will appear in Blackboard the first day of the class at 12:01 am. Check your course schedule for the course start date.

Note: If you have an on-campus course you will want to attend your class first to see if your instructor is using Blackboard.

Login Information

Blackboard uses the same username and password as your Schoolcraft email account and WIFI. If you change your password in one system, it will change it for the other systems.

Username: First initial of your first name (lower-case) and 7-digit Schoolcraft ID number.

Default Password: Your full first name with the first letter capitalized (if more than one first name, capitalize beginning letter in each name) followed by your 7-digit Schoolcraft ID number. 

(Remember to include leading zeros for ID numbers less than 7-digits.)

Example password:  Michael0123456 (not Mike0123456)

Note:  Blackboard does not use the same password as WebAdvisor.
If you are unable to login, please contact the Answer Center at 734-462-4426.