Political Science

POLS 105

Survey of American Government

Course Description

This course is an introductory study of the American political system. Emphasis is placed on historical and contemporary political theories and ideologies as well as on political institutions, parties and interest groups. You will engage in analysis of decision-makers, power and controversial issues.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • None.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Compare major political ideologies.
  • Investigate how America's founding documents provide a framework for the country's political system.
  • Analyze the development of American federalism.
  • Examine the constitutional limits of civil liberties and civil rights.
  • Differentiate between American political parties.
  • Evaluate how Congress fulfills its constitutional and democratic responsibilities.
  • Evaluate how presidents fulfill their political and legal roles.
  • Investigate the federal judiciary's structure and role in settling legal disputes.
  • Analyze the formation and implementation of American public policy.

Course Schedule

  No of Weeks   Begins   
 CourseSectionCourse TitleModeCredit HoursInstructorsFeeSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusDays-Time-Room

POLITICAL SCIENCE; No of Weeks : 5; Begins : 10/05/2015

 105142977Survey of American Government Online3Thomson A$30.0030/31/0Open

POLITICAL SCIENCE; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 09/22/2015

 105142020Survey of American Government 3Kirkpatrick K 17/28/0Open
M W 01:00PM-02:40PMLA260
 105142022Survey of American Government 3O'Kelly J 17/31/0Open
T R 02:30PM-04:10PMLA270
 105142703Survey of American Government Online3Thomson A$30.0018/31/0Open

POLITICAL SCIENCE; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 08/31/2015

 105047758Survey of American Government OE/OE3Veerasamy P$30.0025/31/0Open
 105142000Survey of American Government 3Kirkpatrick K 15/31/0Open
M W 08:00AM-09:20AMLA270
 105142001Survey of American Government 3Beafore Jr L 25/31/0Open
T R 08:00AM-09:20AMLA270
 105142006Survey of American Government 3Kirkpatrick K 14/28/0Open
F 09:00AM-11:54AMLA260
 105142007Survey of American Government 3Kirkpatrick K 8/31/0Open
M W 09:30AM-10:50AMLA270
 105142009Survey of American Government 3McGinnis D 18/28/0Open
M W 10:00AM-11:20AMLA260
 105142011Survey of American Government 3Beafore Jr L 23/31/0Open
M W 11:00AM-12:20PMLA270
 105142012Survey of American Government 3Thomson A 17/31/0Open
T R 11:00AM-12:20PMLA270
 105142015Survey of American Government 3McGinnis D 21/31/0Open
M W 12:30PM-01:50PMLA270
 105142017Survey of American Government 3Thomson A 17/31/0Open
T R 01:00PM-02:20PMLA270
 105142021Survey of American Government 3Robinson R 25/28/0Open
T R 02:30PM-03:50PMLA260
 105142050Survey of American Government 3McGinnis D 23/31/0Open
M 06:00PM-08:54PMLA270
 105142052Survey of American Government 3Robinson R 26/28/0Open
T 06:00PM-08:54PMLA260
 105142923Survey of American Government Online3Thomson A$30.0012/31/0Open
 105246337Survey of American Government 3McGinnis D 24/31/0Open
R 10:00AM-12:54PMRC430
 105246393Survey of American Government 3Veerasamy P 25/31/0Open
M 06:00PM-08:54PMRC670

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