Aviation Management

AVM 203

Airport Planning and Management

Course Description

This course is an introduction to airport facilities, airport operations, the business processes involved in managing an airport and the development and maintenance of an airport master plan. The main focus will be on the typical large general aviation airport, but relevant differences will be explored for all airport sizes. The planning process will focus on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advisory circular for airport planning. The course will also explore the relationship between the airport and the community, legislation affecting airports and planning, airport financing and development/management of services. Emphasis will be on management functions, organizational aspects, administration, security and public safety.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • None.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Examine how airports are developed, operated and maintained and rules that govern airport management.
  • Explain how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) directives apply for airport planning.
  • Analyze the historical and legislative perspective of airports and airport systems.
  • Investigate the components of the airport, the airfield, airspace and air traffic control, terminals and ground access.
  • Examine air space and air traffic control.
  • Assess legislation affecting airports and planning, security, financing and managing.
  • Explore the relationship between the airport and the community.
  • Investigate an airport and its operations to identify career opportunities.
  • Examine how Air Carrier airports are certificated under the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 139.

Course Schedule

Currently no sections of this class are being offered.

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