Student Success Workshops

Learning Support Services offers student success workshops in-person and online via live-webinars. Online workshops can be accessed using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device – from home, school, workplace, or anywhere with internet access. Click on the link(s) below to attend online.

Fall 2019 Math Workshop Series (scroll down for schedule)

Tips for Attending Workshops


  • Arrive early. Room opens 30 minutes prior to workshop

    • View our campus map for workshop building locations
  • Bring your student ID and note-taking materials
  • Ask questions! Engage actively in the learning experience


  • Google Chrome recommended for optimal webinar quality
  • To attend webinar, click on the link provided above. Log in begins 30 minutes prior
  • Sign in online when prompted by workshop support staff
  • Ask questions! Utilize the webinar group-chat to actively engage with peers and staff

Remember!  Check the workshop schedule for the day and time of your workshop.

Questions?, 734-462-4436

Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

Workshop Date and Time Location
Math Survival Skills Thursday Sept. 5, 5:30p-7p Bradner Library
Integers and Basic Equation Solving Thursday Sept. 12, 5:30p-7p Bradner Library 
Fractions and Decimals Tuesday Sept. 24, 5:30p-7p Bradner Library 
Factoring Quadratics and Polynomials Thursday Sept. 26, 5:30p-7p Bradner Library 
Improve your Math Exam Score Tuesday Oct. 8, 5:30p-7p Bradner Library 
Basic Geometry Tuesday Oct. 22, 5:30p-7p Bradner Library 
Radicals and Exponents Tuesday Nov. 5, 5:30p-7p Bradner Library 

Workshop Session Information

Math Survival Skills

Make time to attend this session and do well in your math class this semester! We will discuss the top 5 barriers to performing well on tests, work on an individualized math study plan, and discover your unique strengths and areas for growth in math. Appropriate for all math students.

Integers and Basic Equation Solving 

Learn applications for integers and the order of operations for solving equations.  Participants will practice with one-step equations and then build on those skills to solve multi-step equations. Appropriate for students taking MATH 045/047/053 classes.

Fractions and Decimals  

Using fractions and decimals are foundational skills for all college math courses. This session will demystify and decode fractions and decimals and their operations by using practical methods of application.  Appropriate for students taking Math 45/47 courses and higher.

Factoring Quadratics and Polynomials   

Factoring polynomials is a skill that is needed in all algebra classes and is essential for solving algebraic equations. In this session, you will learn the basics of factoring quadratics and polynomials. Appropriate for students taking MATH 053/113 classes.

Improve Your Math Exam Scores

Looking for new ways to improve your math exam scores? In this session you will learn how to “practice and prepare” for exams and how to identify areas for improvement. You will discover your own learning preferences and study tips that work for you. Appropriate for all math students.

Basic Geometry

Get the answers on how to calculate perimeters of polygons, circumference of a circle, and areas of rectangles, triangles and circles. Appropriate for students taking MATH 45 class.

Radicals and Exponents

Examine how radicals and exponents fit into equation-solving. We will define radicals and exponents, explain how they are used in mathematics, and learn how to solve radical equations and equations with exponents, while also exploring the relationships between the two. Appropriate for students taking Math 113 class.