Exam-A-Rama is a course-specific review for your final exams. The sessions are run by LC tutors and consist of either a review of your final exam review packet or a question-and-answer study session. We have sessions available for most math, biology, chemistry, physics, and accounting classes.

For subject availability, please visit the LC at the Bradner Library (room L119) or call 734-462-4436.

Date  Time
Thursday, December 5, 2019 8:00pm until Midnight
Friday, December 6, 2019 Noon until 4:00pm
Saturday, December 7, 2019 Noon until 4:00pm

Exam-A-Rama Fall 2019 Schedule

Location: Main Campus in Livonia, Learning Center. 

Class Date Time Room Number
Exam Packet Review Sessions
Math 45 Sat. Dec. 7  12p-4p Liberal Arts 140
Math 47 Fri. Dec. 6  12p-4p  Library Rm 110
Math 53 A's Thurs. Dec. 5  8p-12a  Liberal Arts 200
Math 53 B's Sat. Dec. 7  12p-4p  Liberal Arts 200
Math 101 Fri. Dec. 6  12p-4p  Bio Tech Ctr 300
Math 111 Sat. Dec. 7  12p-4p  Bio Tech Ctr 300
Math 113 A's  Thurs. Dec. 5  8p-12a  McDowell Ctr. 100A-D
Math 113 B's Sat. Dec. 7  12p-4p  McDowell Ctr. 100A-D
Math 126 A's Fri. Dec. 6  12p-4p  Liberal Arts 140
Math 129 A's Fri. Dec. 6  12p-4p  Liberal Arts 200
Question and Answer Final Exam Review Sessions with Additional Tutors
Biology-All Thurs. Dec. 5  8p-12a  Learning Center, L119
Chemistry-All Thurs. Dec. 5  8p-12a  Learning Center, L119
Physics-All Thurs. Dec. 5  8p-12a  Learning Center, L119
Math-119, 122, 145,
150, 151, 230,
240, 252
Thurs Dec. 5  8p-12a  Learning Center, L119

Check-in begins 45 minutes prior to start time at the scheduled room location with first come, first served seating. Please come prepared and bring your review packets, as the LC does not have extra copies. For more information, call the Learning Cemter at 734-462-4436 or email LC@schoolcraft.edu.