May 3, 2024

Graduate profile: Madisyn Brooks

Madisyn Brooks

With Commencement this week, Schoolcraft College is showcasing the stories of several students walking during the upcoming ceremony. The next student is Madisyn Brooks, who is graduating with an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

Madisyn Brooks found her passion for video graphics almost by accident.

During her first semester, Brooks decided one of her classes wasn’t for her and began looking for a replacement. When searching the catalog, she found a CGT class taking place at the same time as her previous course and signed up.

She never looked back. Come Saturday, Brooks will walk across the stage at Schoolcraft College’s 59th Annual Commencement Ceremony with her Associate of Applied Science, ready to join the workforce and lead to her ultimate goal: becoming a film director. Brooks said she realized getting to work will get her ahead to try to meet that challenge.

“Being here, I realized I had all of the skills that I need,” she said. “People don’t care if you have a master’s degree in it. They care if you know how to do it.”

Brooks came to Schoolcraft College after spending her childhood as a homeschool student. Growing up in communities such as Redford Township and Westland, her biggest social outlets with people her own age were through church. She would do her schoolwork in a variety of locations, between her home, her grandparents’ home and her parents’ places of employment.

Growing up, they’d drive by Schoolcraft College, with her parents casually mentioning it would be a great place for her to attend school when Brooks got older. Little did they know that not only would she attend Schoolcraft, but she’d become a student that found ways to get involved.

“It’s where I’ve met most of my best friends. A lot of my people are from here and I met here. And I know all those friendships are lifelong friendships,” Brooks said. “I would be an entirely different person if I hadn’t become involved.”

While she got involved with groups such as The Schoolcraft Connection newspaper and the Student Ambassador program, Brooks is mostly known for her work in the College’s Film Club. She remembers attending her first meeting, realizing she believed the organization could run a little more efficiently. She remained long enough to eventually become a co-president, turning it into one of Schoolcraft’s most front-facing student organizations.

She credits Jeremy Salo, the CGT Department Head, with helping her embrace her passion. Brooks said she’s taken several classes with Salo and felt he knew how to make sure his students were prepared.

“I really love that program so much,” she said.

After graduating, Brooks will expand on her work: she currently works for a video production company in Plymouth, and plans on doing more at work and finding projects that will help lead her to her personal goal of becoming a director.

She credits Schoolcraft College with giving her the skills she needs. While she originally planned on transferring to a four-year institution, Brooks said she learned the basics here and can go out and get the real-world experience needed to meet her goals.

“I found so many opportunities here. I don’t have to go on. Everything’s connected,” she said. “Everything from Schoolcraft has gotten me to where I am in my life.”

Schoolcraft College’s 59th Annual Commencement Ceremony takes place at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 4, in the TrinityElite Sports Center on the Livonia campus. Those who cannot attend in-person are invited to watch the livestream of the Ceremony on the event web page.

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