May 16, 2022

Apprentices Celebrate Completing Programs

Person speaking to graduates at event

Students leave with strong professional foundation

The success of Schoolcraft College’s registered apprenticeship program, which connects area businesses with motivated and talented students, was formally recognized recently at the Apprenticeship Achievement Celebration at the VisTaTech Center on the main campus. 

In addition to students who completed their apprenticeships and their employers, the event, held April 19, drew a wide range of key leaders from Livonia, Southeast Michigan and beyond. 

Dr. Glenn Cerny, President of Schoolcraft College, welcomed those guests, which included Maureen Miller Brosnan, Mayor of the City of Livonia; Haley Stevens, U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 11th District; and Michelle Richard, Senior Education Advisor to Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 

Jeff Beier and Kyle Hollis
Jeff Beier, Maya Gage CEO, and Kyle Hollis, Gage Maker.

Members of the Board of Trustees who attended were: Joan A. Gebhardt, Chair; Carol M. Strom, Vice Chair; Brian D. Broderick, Secretary; and Dillon E. Breen, Trustee.

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for those already passionate about an occupation to “earn while they learn” as they gain important professional experience. Since 2020, 15 Schoolcraft College students have completed their apprenticeship in professional trades or medical assisting.

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with these students and employers over the past few years,” said Pamela Linton, Apprenticeship Coordinator for Schoolcraft College. “And it was incredibly rewarding to recognize their many achievements at the event on April 19, and with such amazing supporters of the College like Mayor Brosnan and Congresswoman Stevens.

“These students now have an established educational and professional foundation, have a number of years’ experience with employers that have invested in them, and have achieved their educational success with little to no student loan debt. That is definitely worth celebrating!”

Apprenticeships at a glance

TopicWhat apprenticeships offer
EmphasisOn-the-job training
Usual duration1 to 4 years
StructureFocus on mastering specific skills
MentorshipIndividualized training with experienced mentor
PayAlways paid, wages at or above industry standard at conclusion
Do you earn a credential?Yes, you get a national credential from the Department of Labor
Do you earn college credit?Yes, and often complete Schoolcraft College certification(s) also
From the Department of Labor

Linton collaborates with area businesses and the Department of Labor (DOL) to establish apprenticeship programs to meet talent needs. As part of this role, Linton assists employers in creating curriculum related to their occupations, and helps students determine if apprenticeship is the right path for them. 

Kelly Victor-Burke, Logan Leinbach, and Barry Burke
Kelly Victor-Burke, majority owner and CEO of Burke Architectural Millwork; Logan Leinbach, the first Woodwork Manufacturing Specialist apprentice; and Barry Burke, owner and President of Burke Architectural Millwork.

“Apprenticeships are challenging and not for the faint of heart,” Linton said. “People who are passionate about a specific career, and who will be committed to both the education and on-the-job training components, are the best candidates. When students express interest in apprenticeships, we are always clear and up front about the demands and the rigor. For those for whom the fit is right, it is an outstanding pathway. ”  

Apprenticeships offer opportunities in a wide array of areas, covering almost every student interest. There are currently over 1,200 apprenticeable occupations through the DOL, with more added every year. Currently, Schoolcraft College is proud to have placed over 70 apprentices, representing 20-plus occupations, placed at over 25 area companies. Connections for medical assisting has been particularly successful. 

The College also has been at the forefront of collaborating to create new opportunities. One example is student Logan Leinbach, who is the first Woodwork Manufacturing Specialist apprentice. 

Hannah Mills and Mary Donahee-Rader
Hannah Mills, Henry Ford Health Medical Assistant, and Mary Donahee-Rader, Director of Schoolcraft College’s Medical Assisting program.

Schoolcraft and Leinbach’s employer, Burke Architectural Millwork in Livonia, helped develop the apprenticeship for the Department of Labor over the course of two years, including working with The Urban Institute in Washington, D.C. 

Kelly Victor-Burke, majority owner and CEO of Burke Architectural Millwork, was able to move Leinbach from his CAD apprenticeship into the Woodwork program, which he recently completed. During the event, she recounted the challenging road to get the apprenticeship in place and is thrilled with the final outcome.

The students who completed the apprenticeships and were recognized are:

  • Blaise Blastos, IHA
  • Theresa Drafta, Henry Ford Health
  • Marissa Helbling, Henry Ford Health
  • Stacey Henry, IHA
  • Kyle Hollis, Maya Gage
  • Hina Kahn, IHA
  • Deanna Leighton, Henry Ford Health
  • Logan Leinbach, Burke Architectural Millwork
  • Hannah Mills, Henry Ford Health
  • Samantha Roe, IHA
  • Rebekah Spears, Henry Ford Health
  • Tamara Swift, Henry Ford Health
  • Marcin Wnuczek, GNS North America

In addition to the companies listed above, several other employers have apprentices in place. These include Clips and Clamps; International Extrusions; and E & E Manufacturing/Globe Tech.

For more information about apprenticeships, please contact Pamela Linton by email at [email protected] or by phone at 734-462-7372.

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