Friendly URLs Reference List

Friendly URLs are a shortened version of a URL to improve user experience. Friendly URLs are recommended for print materials and promotional campaigns, because the shortened URL is easier to remember and type.

Before requesting a new friendly URL, please check the table below to see if one already exists.
Page Name Friendly URL(s) Full URL
Admissions Rep /reps
Alternate Route to Teacher Certification /arc
Alumni /alumni
Alumni Events /alumni-events 
AM Catalyst Grant
Ambassadors /ambassadors
Annual Report /annualreport
Annual Security Report /annual-security-report
Answer Center /answers
Apply /apply
Apprenticeships - BDC /apprenticeships
Areas of Study /areasofstudy
Become A Student /becomeastudent
Bookstore Purchase Information /financebooks
BrewPub /brewpub
Brewing and Distillation /brewing
CAFE /cafe
Cancellations and Closings /cancelled
Campus Life /campuslife
Career Services /careers
Catalogs /catalog
CEPD Digital Sculptor /cepdalias
CEPD Enrolled Agent /cepdea
CEPD Tennis /cepdtennis
CEPD Test Prep /testprep
Children's Center /childcenter
Clubs /clubs
College Policies /policies
Community Involvement Events /community
Computer Labs /labs
Consumer Info
Course Formats /formats
Course Schedules /schedules
Courses /courses
Donate (SC Foundation) /donate
Distance Learning /dl
Events /events
Exam-a-rama /examarama
Exchange /exchange
Financial Aid - Rule and Requirements /aidrules
Firefighter Testing /firetesting
Fire In-Service Training /firetraining
Golf Classic /golfclassic
Henry's Food Court /henrys
Hinkle Center /hinklecenter
HIT Club /hitclub
Hybrid /hybrid
International Agenda /international
Inquire /inquire
Jumpstart /jumpstart
Kids on Campus /koc
Law Enforcement In-Service /leis
M-CAM /mcam
Majors /majors
Masons Fund /masonsfund
Middle School College Night /mscn 
Mobile App /app
Motorcycle Safety /motorcycle
Music Programs /music-programs
OE/OE /oeoe
Online Courses /online
Orientation /orientation
Peer Assisted Learning /pal
Photography - CEPD /cepdphotography
Plastic Technology /plastic-technology
Plastic Technology Workshop /plastic
Police Academy /policeacademy
Police Department /safety
PTAC /ptac
Register /register
Registration Guide /registrationguide
Request Info /info
Retirees /retirees
SASS /sass
SC Alerts /scalerts
SC Mail /scmail
Scholarship Search /scholarshipsearch
Scholarships /scholarships
SBDC /sbdc
Selective Admissions /selectiveadmissions
Social Media Directory /social
Social Media Guidelines /comments
Student Accounts /studentaccounts
Student Activites /studentactivities
Student Records /studentrecords
Student Relations /studentrelations
Teacher Recertification Course (CEPD) /sciencestandards
Testing Center /testing
Tours /tour
Transfer /transfer
Tuition Payment Plan /payments
Tutoring /tutoring
UAW Ford EEC /uawfordeec
University Visits and Advising /4year
Ways to Give /ways-to-give
Wifi /wifi
Workforce Training Solutions /wts
Writing Support Studio /writingsupportstudio