Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in my own food for a VisTaTech event?

No, city and county health departments require that Schoolcraft College not allow any food or beverage to be brought into, or taken from, the facility by our guests. Food and beverages must be consumed on the premises and are subject to a 6% Michigan sales tax.

Is my food prepared by the Culinary Arts program?

The food prepared for all VisTaTech events is prepared by our Food Service Department. Many of the chefs in Food Service are graduates from Schoolcraft's Culinary Arts program.

Can I reserve my event for next year?

Yes, we are currently booking for the current year as well as the next two years out. As soon as you have a date planned for your event, call us so we can reserve the space for you.

What happens if my event is canceled due to inclement weather?

In the event that Schoolcraft College must curtail operations and cancel a scheduled event in the VisTaTech Center due to severe weather, the following information may be helpful to you:

  • Listen to the local radio and/or television stations for accurate school and business closings.
  • Once the radio and or television stations announce the closing, a representative from the VisTaTech Center will contact a designated person from your organization to confirm the event cancellation. Your account manager will call to reschedule. You will not be responsible for any room rental, media, food or beverage costs incurred by the college for your event.

If my event only runs for 2 hours, can I pay hourly?

VisTaTech room rental is priced in four-hour increments. It is not broken up into an hourly rate.

Can I bring in my own technology for my event?

VisTaTech has technology built into the infrastructure of the rooms. All of your technology requirements will be set-up by our Media Services department. Groups are not allowed to bring in any additional equipment unless special approval has been granted.