SCII Focus Series: Dr. John Brender, “Perceptions of Education in China”

Virtual (Zoom)

After attending this lecture, participants will understand how Chinese education is set up from Kindergarten through college, reasons for a relatively centralized curriculum, justification for transmittal teaching and a pedagogy that often emphasizes memorization, inequalities despite attempts to create a level playing field, and how all of the above contrast with the goals and practices […]


SCII Focus Series: Dr. E. Anthony White, “Using Research to Assist Law Enforcement and Community Engagement”

Virtual (Zoom)

Dr. White’s presentation will focus on the benefits of police departments engaging researchers to assist or facilitate in the development, implementation, and assessment of programs. Further, police and community partnerships/approaches that have been proven to reduce crimes of violence or improve the quality of life in the communities will be discussed. Join Zoom MeetingMeeting ID: […]