Fall 2019

Course TitleCourse Number
Certificate in Presentation Media Series - Online CourseCES2-6332
Computer Basics for BeginnersCES-6946
Computer Basics: 1 Day WorkshopCES2-6356
Computer Skills for the Workplace - Online CourseCES2-6250
Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5 - Online CourseCES2-6229
Creating Web Pages - Online CourseCES-6720
Creating WordPress Websites - Online CourseCES2-6315
Designing Effective Websites - Online CourseCES2-6152
Drones for the HobbyistCES2-6351
eBay Photo WorkshopCES2-6235
eBay Selling BasicsCES2-6237
Excel 1: An IntroductionCES-1813
Excel 2: Intermediate FeaturesCES-1815
Graphic Design for Visual Presentation - Online CourseCES2-6334
Infographics - Online CourseCES2-6338
Inside the iPadCES2-6212
Intermediate C# Programming - Online CourseCES2-6329
Intermediate CSS3 & HTML5 - Online CourseCES2-6299
Intermediate Java Programming - Online CourseCES2-6230
Intermediate Networking - Online CourseCES2-6127
Intermediate Oracle - Online CourseCES2-6330
Intermediate SQL - Online CourseCES2-6251
Intermediate WordPress Websites - Online CourseCES2-6354
Introduction to C# Programming - Online CourseCES2-6328
Introduction to C++ Programming - Online CourseCES2-6121
Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5 - Online CourseCES2-6238
Introduction To Excel - Online CourseCES-6958
Introduction to Java Programming - Online CourseCES-6762
Introduction to JavaScript - Online CourseCES2-6322
Introduction to Microsoft Publisher - Online CourseCES-6947
Introduction to Networking - Online CourseCES2-6259
Introduction to Oracle - Online CourseCES2-6072
Introduction to PC Security - Online CourseCES2-6312
Introduction to PC Troubleshooting - Online CourseCES-6724
Introduction to Programming - Online CourseCES2-6198
Introduction to Python 3 Programming - Online CourseCES2-6327
Introduction to SQL - Online CourseCES2-6240
Introduction to Visual Basic - Online CourseCES2-6227
Introduction to Windows 10 - Online CourseCES2-6301
Introduction to XML - Online CourseCES2-6041
Keeping Your Home Computer SafeCES2-6363
Keyboarding - Online CourseCES2-6252
Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables - Online CourseCES2-6336
Microsoft Office - An IntroductionCES2-6231
Microsoft Word Level 1CES2-6346
Microsoft Word Level 2CES2-6347
Microsoft Word Level 3CES2-6348
Photoshop for Presentations - Online CourseCES2-6335
Responsive Web Design - Online CourseCES2-6277
Understanding the Cloud - Online CourseCES2-6266
Wireless Networking - Online CourseCES2-6326