Frequently Asked Questions


Advanced RiderCourse (ARCu)

Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC2u)

Basic RiderCourse (BRCu)

Riding-Gear Checklist

  • Driver License - If underage, bring your Level 1 Certificate.
  • Helmet - Must be DOT-approved or SNELL-certified. Should fit properly and be in good condition.
  • Boots - Ankle must be covered. Must have a hard sole. High-top tennis shoes and high heels are not permitted.
  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket - Must be long-sleeved, reaching your wrists in the riding position.
  • Pants - Non-flare denim pants, or a material of equivalent or better durability. Pants must reach your boots while in the riding position.
  • Full-fingered gloves - Should be fitted and not too bulky to allow for proper gripping. Leather is preferred, but not required.
  • Eye protection - Required even with a face shield.
  • Rain/Cold weather gear as needed - Riding does occur in inclement weather, so please be prepared with appropriate clothing.

Additional Requirements

  • Attend all class sessions.
  • Be on time for all class sessions.
  • BRCu - Web Enhanced Classes Only:  Must complete online eCourse prior to your class start date, and provide completion certificate to the instructor on the first day of class. An email will be sent to you from the College at least one week prior to your class start date with the eCourse information. Please be sure to have a valid email address on file with the College.
  • BRC2u - For Experienced Riders & ARCu Classes Only:  Each student must provide their own motorcycle. Sharing is not allowed. The cycle must be titled, properly registered, and display a valid license plate. Each student must provide proof of insurance and the bike must pass a safety inspection.