Registration Tips

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How to Prepare for Registration

Please follow the steps below to register on or after 2/13/19.

We strongly encourage you to practice logging in before registration begins on February 13, 2019, especially if you are hoping to register for a high-demand camp!

For assistance, please call the CEPD Office at (734) 462-4448 or send an email to

New Students

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Continuing Education (Non-Credit) button
  3. Select Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes
  4. Fill out the registration info in your child's name - if registering online, your child's SSN is a required field
  5. You will receive two confirmation emails, one with your child's 7-digit student ID # and one with a temporary password. Your child's 7-digit student ID # will appear next to the word Payer (even though the name next to Payer will likely be a parent's name). Write down the student ID # and password below - you will need them to log in to WebAdvisor and print out your child's class schedule and/or register again in the future.

Note: The next time you use WebAdvisor, it will ask you to log in with a User ID and Password. The only difference between a Student ID # and a User ID is that the User ID includes the lowercase first letter of your child's first name. For example, if a child named Sarah has Student ID #0799950, then her User ID is s0799950.

Returning Students

  1. Visit
  2. Log In with your child's User ID (lowercase first letter of first name followed by student ID #) and Password
  3. Select the Continuing Education (Non-Credit) button
  4. Select Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classses