Digital Sculptor Certificate

autodeskDeveloped with input from industry experts, this four class certificate in Digital Sculpting with Autodesk® Alias® can put successful students on the path to a great career.

Companies seeking Digital Sculptors include Ford, General Motors, Nissan, BMW, Hyundai KIA, Navistar, Apple, Oakley, Polaris, Intel, Fitbit, and many more.

Learn to create beautiful 3D surfaces.

Student Showcase

View the work of students who have recently completed the rigorous Digital Sculpting Certificate. Learn about their aspirations in digital sculpting and exchange information for future networking.

Free and open to the public. Join the Zoom event here

Digital Sculptor Class Offerings


What Are Students Saying?

Meet Heidi Frantz, a student who earned her Digital Sculpting Certificate, specializing in the use of Autodesk Alias® software. Since the program launched in the fall of 2014, twenty students have earned their Certificate.

Congratulations to the students who earned their Digital Sculptor Certificate in 2018:

  • Breanna S.
  • Eric C.
  • Heidi F.
  • Joe C.
  • Martin S.
  • Robert C.
  • Sara S.
  • Tim J.

These students successfully completed the four-course certificate which includes 114 hours of class time and over 200 hours additional work completing several projects of increasing difficulty. The students were recognized at the annual Digital Sculptor Student Showcase on Dec. 6, 2018.

About the Instructor

don-lloydDon Lloyd loves to create beautiful 3D shapes on the computer. As a Digital Sculptor at Nissan Design America, Don spends most of his time creating and editing the aesthetic surfaces of the interiors and exteriors of Nissan vehicles using Autodesk Alias software. “Digital sculpting is such a fulfilling career. Taking a sketch and turning it into the shapes that will be driving down the road is fun and challenging.”

Don has worked with some truly extraordinary digital sculptors in over 20 years of surfacing. “I have learned a great deal from them, and enjoy passing on those skills.” Mentoring other digital sculptors at his different jobs led to teaching professionally several years ago. Don is quite passionate about instructing and guiding people to be able to use Alias to its fullest to create great products.

“Starting the digital sculpting classes at Schoolcraft has been exciting. It’s very rewarding to guide students successfully through all four levels of classes and see them earn the Digital Sculptor Certificate.”

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