March 13, 2024

Women’s History Month profile: Joi Durant

Joi Durant

Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting women across campus who have made their mark on Schoolcraft College. This week, it’s Joi Durant, Student Account Associate in Financial Services.

We’re highlighting women whose work is inspired by this year’s theme for Women’s History Month: “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” 

For Joi Durant, Women’s History Month is synonymous with American history.

The Student Account Associate in Financial Services said the sacrifice of those championing causes important to the nation don’t go unnoticed.

“We are reaping daily the benefits of the work in this area,” she said. “Despite all that has been accomplished there’s still much work to be done.”

In addition to her role in Financial Services, Durant holds a piece of history at Schoolcraft College: she is the founder of the Black Student Union, an organization that continues to this day. She remains involved with the group as its advisor.

She said such a group was important to help Black students feel comfortable and supported on campus.

“As the first person in my family to attend college, I recognized the need for representation in this space,” Durant said. “It’s really exciting to see that the College has adapted the same notion and is working toward, creating and carrying out initiatives that support and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. It feels like we’re finally moving in the right direction.”  

 In addition to advising students, Durant also serves as the president of the Schoolcraft College Association of Office Professionals, a position she’s held since 2021. She said she is the first woman of color to hold this position.

Durant said the value of we each have to bring to the table is magnified when diversity is present.

“For this reason, I remained relentless in my pursuit of gaining access to spaces that would provide platform for me to express my viewpoint on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of diversity,” she said.  

Her motivations go beyond the campus: she said her children are what keeps her going and pushes her to be her best self.

“I want to make sure they have the best life possible, so I always try my hardest to help make the world a better place for them,” Durant said. “Even if things are slow in changing, even when I have no clue how, I want them to know that speaking up for what they believe in and finding ways to reinforce that belief with positive action can really make a difference.”

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