March 11, 2024

New reflection rooms open on campus

small room with table and chairs

A pair of study rooms in the Biomedical Technology Center have been converted into reflection rooms, providing students and employees a space for reflection, prayer or simply some quiet time away from everything.

Students needing some space for reflection, prayer or simply quiet time can find it in two new spaces inside the Biomedical Technology Center on Schoolcraft College’s campus.

Two new reflection rooms are now open on campus, perfect for students needing a space to meditate, pray or silently reflect during the hustle of the day. These rooms, located in BTC 336 and BTC 340, have a relaxing atmosphere and are open to students, faculty and staff.

Adding the reflection rooms to campus helps further the mission of Schoolcraft College to be a more inclusive environment. Such spaces celebrate the diversity on campus and provide just one more option for students to practice their beliefs.

“These rooms are a perfect addition to campus, especially as our Muslim students approach the season of Ramadan. They will give our students a chance to step out of the busyness of the day and just take a moment to reflect, pray or meditate to bring themselves inner peace,” said TaQuilla Kusero, the College’s Director of Equity and Engagement. “We’re excited to offer these rooms to the Schoolcraft College community to help promote better mental health across the campus.”

The rooms – which are formerly study rooms – are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is enough room for students to lay down a prayer rug if they choose, or they may utilize the provided furniture. The rooms are available to the campus community whenever the Biomedical Technology Center is open.

First utilized last year during Ramadan, Kusero said the decision was made to make the former study rooms permanent reflection rooms this spring.

The rooms are designed for individual reflection and are not study rooms, nor should they be used for sleeping. No food or beverages are allowed, and users are asked to limit their reflection time to 20 minutes to allow others to utilize the spaces as well.

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