February 12, 2024

Black History Month profile: Jasmine Pavlich

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A student in the College’s Real Estate Property Management program, Plavich said Black History Month provides opportunities for teaching others about Black culture and contributions by Black individuals.

To celebrate Black History Month, Schoolcraft College will highlight the stories of Black students, faculty, staff and administrators and what Black History Month means to them. Check back every week this month for stories on the Black experience here at Schoolcraft College.

Black History Month serves as a platform for education and awareness for Jasmine Plavich.

It provides an opportunity for non-Black individuals to learn about Black history, culture, and experiences. By highlighting the contributions of Black individuals, it challenges stereotypes and promotes inclusivity and diversity. As a Black woman, Black History Month encourages Plavich to advocate for the rights and well-being of the Black community, ensuring that their stories are told, and their voices are heard.

Pavlich – who lives in Ypsilanti and is enrolled in Schoolcraft College’s Property Management Program – said she was happy to have discovered the program. A licensed real estate agent and broker, she aims to eventually work in operations or acquisitions for an international company.

She said she aims to lead a life full of promising times and moments.  

“The quality of our lives is determined by how we choose to live them,” she said. “I choose growth and happiness.”

The late and great Whitney Houston inspired many people around the world. As a trailblazer in the music industry, she paved the way for so many more artists to follow. She was a multi-talented actress, singer, and performer. For many people, her music was a source of strength, wisdom, and love. Many people throughout the world continue to be inspired by Whitney Houston’s legacy. She is one of the voices Plavich looks to for inspiration, especially during Black History Month.

In her experience as a non-traditional student who is already employed in their desired field, Plavich gravitates toward quotes which keep her positive and prosperous, such as the following:

“Press forward at all times, climbing forward toward that higher ground of the harmonious society that shapes the laws of man to the laws of God.” — Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

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