August 7, 2023

Schoolcraft College, Trinity Health ink partnership to help train medical professionals

leadership at a table signing the agreement

The agreement between the two institutions will help students and current Trinity Health employees with full tuition assistance to prepare for a career in the medical field.

Delivering a unique solution to the talent crisis in healthcare, Schoolcraft College and Trinity Health Michigan announced a program to provide tuition assistance for Trinity Health employees seeking brighter career paths in eight critical healthcare fields.

“This big pipeline of talent from Trinity Health will get access to everything they need right here on the campus of Schoolcraft, from the classrooms of our new Health Sciences Center to Trinity Health’s on-campus community healthcare facility,” said Dr. Glenn Cerny, Schoolcraft president. “There’s nothing like this in Michigan.”

While other health systems offer tuition reimbursement for employees, this partnership of two Livonia-based enterprises is unique because it provides full tuition assistance to current employees and Schoolcraft students who express interest in working for the health system.  Trinity Health will prioritize flexibility so current employees can work while in school. This allows students who would otherwise be unable to financially attend school to further their education. In addition, the partnership offers a tailored workroom-to-classroom pipeline at a community college whose campus includes a private health system facility. The Trinity Health Michigan facility opened on the Schoolcraft campus in 2021 to offer a continuum of care to Livonia residents, the surrounding communities, and Schoolcraft students and faculty. The center includes primary, specialty, and urgent care, as well as pharmacy, surgery, advanced imaging, and other ancillary services.

“This is a win-win-win-win,” said Rob Casalou, president and CEO of Trinity Health Michigan and Southeast Regions. “Trinity Health employees get a new career path for little or no tuition. Schoolcraft gets a pipeline of students. Trinity Health Michigan deepens our bench of first-class healthcare talent. And the communities of Southeast Michigan benefit from a continuum of Trinity Health Michigan services at the conveniently located Schoolcraft campus.”

group photo of leadership behind a table
Representatives from Schoolcraft College and Trinity Health Michigan at a recent signing event celebrating a new partnership between the two institutions.

Today’s news deepens the Schoolcraft-Trinity Health partnership announced last year with the broad goal of creating “new paths to educate the workforce of the future.” The new agreement, which takes effect in the fall, provides details for eligibility, applications, tuition assistance, and course offerings. Students will be trained in eight healthcare fields experiencing a shortage of workers: Surgical Technology AAS, Sterile Processing Skills Certificate, Pharmacy Technician Certificate, Pharmacy Technician Skills Certificate, LPN Certificate to ADN-RN, Radiological Technology AAS Degree, Diagnostic Medical Sonography AAS, and Emergency Medical Technology: Paramedic AAS Degree.

“Together we are driven to unlock the true potential of our employees and community by offering a diverse range of pathways, ensuring that no talent goes untapped,” said Ane McNeil, senior vice president of Human Resources at Trinity Health.  “By investing in education and skill-building, we aim to cultivate a thriving workforce that can embrace innovation and drive sustainable progress for years to come.”

Cerny said the partnership responds to state and national trends, including the fact that the healthcare industry is one-sixth of the U.S. economy and Michigan’s population of senior citizens is poised to double in the next few years. “This project is five years in the making,” said Donna Moir, a former Trinity Health Michigan medical imaging executive who now works for Cerny as Schoolcraft’s health program liaison. “Let’s be honest, nobody is moving to Michigan for these healthcare careers, which means we need to grow our own pipeline of qualified, passionate, purpose-driven healthcare professionals. There’s no better place to do that than Schoolcraft and no better career partner than Trinity Health Michigan.”

Classwork occurs in Schoolcraft’s Health Sciences Center, a short walk from Trinity’s on-campus facility. “Through the program and the hands-on experiences, I know what I need for my career before being hired,” said Adrianna, a second-year student and Trinity Health scholarship recipient. “The program is one of the best I have seen and with Trinity Health offering tuition assistance others are able to live out their dream of becoming a nurse like I am.”

The deepening relationship with Trinity Health is the latest example of Cerny’s efforts to grow revenue, maintain modest tuition rates, and create pathways to career success with private sector partnerships. Last year, Schoolcraft was a finalist for “outstanding college/corporate partnership” at the American Association of Community Colleges Awards of Excellence program for its Trinity Health partnership. Earlier this summer, Schoolcraft announced a partnership with Corewell Health to begin work toward creating a pipeline of talent for nursing specific students.

“Schoolcraft’s passion for private sector partnerships is unmatched,” Cerny said. “It’s more important than ever for colleges and universities to identify, build, and nurture relationships with the business community, not only to create a next generation workforce but to also address the steep decline in college-age students in the generation ahead. I’d like to see the Schoolcraft-Trinity Heath partnership serve as a model for all of Michigan.”

Feature Photo: Schoolcraft College President Dr. Glenn Cerny, right, and Trinity Health President and CEO Rob Casalou sign an agreement to launch a new program aimed at helping train new medical professionals.

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