March 27, 2023

The Journey Begins Here: Meet Ava Cabble

group of veterinarians

Meet Ava, an alumna of Schoolcraft College who is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Ava is a shining example of how hard work, dedication, and taking advantage of unique opportunities can lead to success.

Before attending Schoolcraft, Ava was concerned that a community college wouldn’t provide her with the experiences she needed to be accepted into veterinary school. However, Schoolcraft exceeded her expectations by providing her with unique opportunities such as the Ambassador Program and the Honors Scholars Program, which helped her enhance her application to veterinary school.

Ava's school paper at 7 years old
First grade school paper: “I will be a vet when I grow up.”

Ava’s passion for veterinary medicine began early on in life, and she couldn’t picture herself doing anything else. She was inspired by the veterinarians and vet nurses who mentored her and showed her the importance of passion, patience, and knowledge in the field.

When Ava found out she was accepted into Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, she was overjoyed and cried tears of joy with her mom. She is excited to engage in their diverse learning opportunities and hopes to gain confidence in her clinical skills and make a positive impact on the veterinary world.

Despite her many achievements, Ava faced challenges along her academic journey. She struggled with overcommitting and setting impossible standards for herself, which resulted in health issues. However, she learned that it’s okay to say “no” to protect her wellbeing and improve her collegiate experience.

Ava’s advice to current or aspiring students starting at Schoolcraft is to take advantage of the college’s unique opportunities, such as the small class size, connecting with professors, and trying something new. She also recommends being open-minded and trying something new.

When asked where Ava sees herself in the future, she responded “I see myself practicing veterinary medicine around the world. I am trying to remain open to different specialty’s, but I am currently interested in internal medicine and wildlife. I also hope to conduct research in whichever specialty I choose. However, I know as long as I am helping animals, I will be happy.”

Ava credits Nicole Margosian-Galindo, Schoolcraft staff member, for being an amazing resource and always believing in her. Ava’s story is a reminder that with hard work, dedication, and taking advantage of unique opportunities, anyone can achieve their dreams.

Nicole is a mentor and program coordinator for the Honors Program at Schoolcraft College and currently serves as the Coordinator for the Experiential Learning Center. She talks about Ava, one of her Honors Scholars, and how her passion and drive led to her success both academically and personally. Nicole highlights Ava’s involvement in animal rescue and her internships in research, as well as her exceptional performance in courses and volunteer work as a Student Ambassador.

Nicole emphasizes the importance of providing support to students and listening to their needs. She believes that access to opportunities and finding balance are important factors in success, but ultimately, it is a student’s belief in themselves that is most critical. Nicole believes that the Honors Program helped Ava develop a strong network of supportive individuals and friendships that will benefit her in the future.

The Schoolcraft College Scholars Honors Program was founded in 1998 and is designed to provide talented, academically-motivated students with an enhanced educational experience. Schoolcraft Scholars enjoy frequent interaction with peers and honors faculty in a learning environment that promotes scholarship and community. They are challenged to grow intellectually, increase their awareness of the society around them, question the status quo, think critically, work collaboratively, and become involved in the community through service-learning projects.

When looking back on her time mentoring Ava, Nicole is most proud to have played a small role in her life and to see the incredible accomplishments she has achieved. She believes that Ava is destined for greatness and is excited to see where her future takes her.

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