October 10, 2022

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

National hispanic heritage month

Student Eduardo Herrera-Perez shares his reflections.

Eduardo Herrera-Perez is a full-time student studying Business who plans to transfer to Wayne State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree. He is the President of the Schoolcraft College Business Club and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Eduardo’s interests include running and traveling.

As a Hispanic, higher education is something I really take for granted. My entire family, including my parents, all went to college, and many are in their 30s and still attending college for nursing. Education is just something that’s in my family’s blood.

Eduardo Herrera-Perez
Schoolcraft College student Eduardo Herrera-Perez.

I want to identify myself as someone who accomplished something. As someone who worked their way up to something. And college is really the first step to this goal. Not only am I working myself up to my

career goal, but I am also making lifelong friends along the way. By the time I’m out in the real world, I will have a diploma that I can use for the rest of my life and lifelong friends. And that’s higher education in a nutshell! Make lifelong friends and earn a degree meant to give you a head start in life.

University has many meanings behind it. For instance, the one that we’ve heard everywhere is that it’s a place where people study to receive their undergrad degree and master’s. But there is another meaning behind the word “University.” Uni stands for United. A university is the only place other than a big metropolis where people from different races and backgrounds come together and unite to take classes together. And Schoolcraft College has made inclusion a top priority for their campus. 

At Schoolcraft, you will find yourself surrounded by many different cultures. You will see fliers for events for an array of cultural heritage events. And inside the Grote Center you will find the office for our Director of Equity and Engagement. Schoolcraft just meets all criteria for a community college focused on equity.

Hispanic Heritage Month means a lot for me as a Hispanic. It’s the month where I can celebrate my culture and feel proud of my ethnic background. It’s the month where all Hispanics come together to celebrate Hispanic culture! It’s the month where I can feel proud of who I am.

It’s a month of bondness with my culture.

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