October 3, 2022

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

National hispanic heritage month

My name is Armando Saucedo-Villegas, and I was born in Saltillo, Mexico. Currently I’m the Multimedia Editor for the Schoolcraft Connection, where I record, edit, and publish all the video content that goes up on the YouTube channel “Schoolcraft Connection.” Being Latino gives me a connection to my family. For many Latinos, “Family” is not just the people you live with – family is tradition.

Armando Saucedo
Schoolcraft College student Armando Saucedo-Villegas.

As an immigrant, I try very hard to maintain connection with my traditions and culture; however, I also realize that my family came to this country for better changes. Having that dichotomy all my life of being from a place where I barely remember and living in this area of cultural diversity where life has been changing constantly is tough. I know I haven’t had it as hard as I could have had it, having lighter skin and not having an accent means that if I don’t mention being Latino in the conversation, it wouldn’t be considered an option. I don’t try to hide where I’m from, but it does say something about the people who act differently when I mention that I wasn’t born here.

As much as these 31 days (of Hispanic Heritage Month) help spread awareness of obstacles that Latino people have in their life, I know I don’t have the same problems as people that have darker skin than I do. A problem that I and many others do have, however, is having to live in a car-dependent suburb and having to drive everywhere, especially school. One way to make Schoolcraft a better place not just for people like me, but everyone on campus, is to add some form of public transportation, or add better protected bike and path networks to get to the local restaurant for lunch.

This solution doesn’t have anything to do with me being Latino, but it would open up opportunities for every student to be able to arrive on campus without having to rely on buying a car that may break down just to get an education or have access to any amenity found at Schoolcraft.

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