August 29, 2022

Family Turns to Schoolcraft Again and Again

Ocelot statue with school building in the background

Three have earned credentials; two more start this fall

It’s always gratifying to hear from families how Schoolcraft College met their educational needs. In the case of the Janisch family of Livonia, three have earned credentials and two more will start on that path this fall.

Proud Ocelot graduates are:

  • Cole Janisch, Associate in Arts, May 2013. He was an ambassador at Schoolcraft and in the honors program, then earned a bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College in 2015. He met his future wife while giving a tour at Schoolcraft.
  • Shelby Janisch, Certificate in Baking & Pastry Arts, May 2015; Associate in General Studies, May 2016. She worked as Chef Jeffrey Gabriel’s sous chef for two years after graduation as well as at several restaurants. Shelby currently uses her baking skills to make custom cakes.
  • Mary Janisch, Associate in Science August 2020; Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, May 2022. She is a registered nurse at Beaumont Hospital in Grosse Point and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing at Eastern Michigan University.

Cole was a student at Livonia Stevenson, while Shelby and Mary were homeschooled and took advantage of the dual enrollment option as juniors. In brief, dual enrollment allows high school students to earn college credits. 

The personal touch that Schoolcraft College offers is much appreciated by the Janisch family. (Note: No members of the Janisch family are shown in this photo.)

Two more members of the family, Eleanor and Peter, will be attending Schoolcraft this fall as dual-enrolled high school seniors. 

“They are unsure of their future careers at this point, but Schoolcraft will give them a great start for the foundation,” said Melissa Janisch, the mother.

Melissa said the entire experience with Schoolcraft College has been excellent.

“We like that Schoolcraft is close to our home and affordable but mostly, as we were reminded recently while our kids were taking their placement test and we were waiting for them, we like how kind everyone is who works there,” she said. “We were there in the hall for about three hours and everyone who walked by stopped to talk to us. They were all very supportive and enthusiastic about their jobs. Why wouldn’t you want to send your kids there?”

Added Randall, the father, “We also like the fact that our kids can get the basic classes at Schoolcraft without incurring any debt. When talking to other parents and students, we tell them that most students don’t really know what they want to study or change their area of study within the first year or so. Going to Schoolcraft in that time period is a great fit because it is affordable, convenient, and a quality education.”

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