July 5, 2022

New Certificate Will Empower Artists

person mixing colors on palette

Business, marketing strategies part of what students will learn

Helping artists take control of the business side of their career is at the heart of Schoolcraft College’s new Art Entrepreneurship Certificate, which will be offered for the first time in the Fall 2022 semester.

The certificate prepares artists to build their own success in addition to the art they create. Melissa Machnee, adjunct faculty member, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture and developed the Art Entrepreneurship Certificate and the Metal Sculpture courses at Schoolcraft College. “I want to make sure that students can continue their progress and career making sculptures when they graduate,” Machnee said.

The Art Entrepreneurship Certificate will help students learn the skills to thrive as a professional artist. It is designed for students who want to manage their own career in the art world by honing their artistic abilities and developing foundational business-related skills.

  • Full-time students can complete the 31-32 credits, which can be applied to an Associate in General Studies degree, in about 9 months. The curriculum includes classes in Art, Accounting, Business and Computer Graphics Technology.
  • The Art Entrepreneurship Certificate is modeled after the Music Entrepreneurship Certificate. The music certificate is designed for those who are interested in managing their own music career.

Students will receive a well-rounded education that will help them succeed in the highly competitive artist market environment. When students graduate with an art degree, they often struggle because they do not know the business side of a successful artist. This program supports them with the creative as well as business aspects of making it as an artist in today’s competitive art market. “We are trying to eliminate the ‘starving artist’ stereotype with this certificate,” Machnee said.

Specifically, the Art Entrepreneurship Certificate helps students:

  • Model fine art abilities associated with a field in the art world.
  • Develop a business plan for a career in the art world.
  • Develop marketing strategies for different scenarios to promote one’s artwork.
  • Demonstrate personal management skills to support a career in the art world.
  • Develop record-keeping abilities essential for financial management for a career in the art world.
  • Articulate the viability of different careers in the art world as related to various media.
person sketching on paper
Schoolcraft College’s new Art Entrepreneurship Certificate will help students develop a business plan for a career in the art world.

Two new courses

Two new courses help students meld the business and creative skills needed to thrive in the world of art.

ART 150, Intro to Art Entrepreneurship, is designed to help artists discover the different career opportunities, including entrepreneurship, and develop skills and resources to help achieve their goals. Students will explore sales of personal artwork, evaluate techniques for the display of artwork, examine online and traditional art venues and resources, and investigate how and why good images of artwork are important. Students will be expected to build a professional portfolio.

ART 180, Foundations of Jewelry and Design, examines elements of design and creation for jewelry and small metal objects. Students will explore different surface finishes, materials, and tools as well as metal casting and metal joining techniques to make their designs come to life. Students will apply different techniques and use various materials in the creation of their own designs.

The Schoolcraft College difference

Machnee believes the Art Entrepreneurship Certificate answers a vital need for artists who are ready to jump into their careers. With the reality that many art careers do not require a degree, Machnee noted, “By melding the creative applications of art with the business of art, artists are empowered to become more successful as professional artists.”

person mixing colors on palette
Schoolcraft College’s new Art Entrepreneurship Certificate will help students model fine art abilities associated with a field in the art world.

The College welcomes art students who want to earn an Associate in Fine Arts and then transfer with the goal of earning a Master of Fine Arts. The Art Entrepreneurship Certificate, on the other hand, is designed to help those artists who might be holding down multiple jobs in this gig economy to take better control of their future as a self-employed artist.

Learn more about Schoolcraft College’s Art Entrepreneurship Certificate. Registration is open now. Fall 2022 classes start Monday, August 29.

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