February 28, 2022

Faculty Spotlight: Carlin Wilson, Movement Science Professor

Carlin Wilson

Today for our Faculty Spotlight story we’re profiling Carlin Wilson, an adjunct professor in our Movement Science program. A version of this story appeared on BLAC Magazine’s digital site.

Carlin Wilson’s path to Adjunct Professor in the Movement Science program at Schoolcraft College included a few twists and turns. 

“As we know, most college students will change their major at least two times,” Professor Wilson said. “Well, try three for me.”

In Professor Wilson’s case, the more he started to learn about a particular subject, the more he wanted to challenge himself and discover more. A native of Saginaw, Professor Wilson’s interest in the human body first was spurred as he studied Sports Management at Hampton University in Virginia. 

“It was then I started putting more effort into fitness and began to see the positive effects training had on me physically and mentally,” he said. “I also started studying muscle groups and actions, realizing the capabilities of muscle tissues and how the body adapts. 

“That interest led me into pursuing amateur bodybuilding for the next 10 years. The desire to learn how to train and how to diet for my competition then prompted me to major in Physiology (curriculum very similar to that of movement science) and minor in dietetics at Western Michigan University and pursue a degree in Health Sciences.”

Person standing next to a treadmill
Carlin Wilson teaches Fitness Facility Management and Operations in the Movement Science program.

His work at Western Michigan included being the stretch and flexibility coach for football and gymnastics. 

“This experience enhanced my knowledge of muscle actions and injury prevention, which sparked an interest in Physical Therapy,” Professor Wilson said. “While learning rehabilitation practices, I decided I did not want to be limited to restrictions of mainly joint rehabilitation without the training of the muscle tissue. So within my final year I made the switch to Physiology and was able to graduate on time.”

His variety of skills and education made it easy for Professor Wilson to hone his professional career through fitness director positions with a variety of clubs and facilities. At each stop, he focused on helping clients help themselves.

“I would always push my clients to understand the why and how so they could eventually train themselves properly without my assistance,” Professor Wilson said. “Helping people see the body’s ability through the same lenses I do has always been an innate goal of mine.”

This in turn led to a desire to teach at the college level.

“I wanted to be a part of a program that educated and prepared students for real-world experience and/or advanced degrees,” he said. “I was afforded that opportunity at Schoolcraft College, where I serve as an adjunct professor in the Movement Science program teaching Fitness Facility Management and Operations. I also serve as an Advisory Board member for Movement Science Curriculum Development at Schoolcraft College.”

About the Movement Science program

As the name suggests, Movement Science students study how the human body moves as well as how it is affected by disease, age and exercise. 

Schoolcraft College’s program offers a solid foundation for graduate school and/or careers in medicine, pharmacy, public health, fitness training, exercise physiologist, and physical and occupational therapy. The College offers both a one-year certificate (8 courses, 24 credits) and an Associate Degree (18 courses, 60-63 credits).

In addition to teaching theory and practice of human body movement, the curriculum also includes facilities operations, budgeting and entrepreneurship courses, as well hands-on lab testing (metabolic and body composition) on state-of-the-art equipment and work experience. In addition, those pursuing the Associate Degree are eligible to test for fitness certifications with top fitness organizations.

Read more about the Movement Science’s high-tech equipment.

“The two-year Movement Science program includes classes that are not offered at some four-year schools,” Professor Wilson said. “We equip our students with the need to be able to enter the workforce at a high level in a variety of settings and organizations in only two years.”

Learn more about Schoolcraft College’s Movement Science program.

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