February 22, 2022

Radcliff Center to be Sold to Garden City

Radcliff Center building

Schoolcraft College programs to transition to Health Sciences Center 

Driven by a desire to be responsible stewards and provide value to the communities it serves, Schoolcraft College has entered into an agreement to sell Radcliff Center to the City of Garden City. The College has been working with the city for the past six months to come up with the highest and best use of the Radcliff Center to benefit the residents of Garden City.

On Tuesday, January 18, during a Garden City Council meeting, the idea came forward that the city could purchase the building from Schoolcraft College to rejuvenate the Radcliff Center into a community center, a vital need for Garden City.

On Monday, February 21, Garden City’s City Council unanimously approved the purchase of the building and the property for $175,000, with an additional $35,000 to go toward select equipment in the building, closing costs and miscellaneous expenses.  

“Schoolcraft College has put a lot of money into it (Radcliff Center) over the past 30 years that they’ve been there and so it’s a win-win all the way across the board,” Council Member Jaylee Lynch said.

Radcliff Center building - Schoolcraft Community College
Radcliff Center is at 1751 Radcliff Street in Garden City.

The building, at 1751 Radcliff Street in Garden City, is 87,433 sq. feet with a 2,220 sq. feet vehicle storage and situated on 15.89 acres, including parking. The closing date will be on or before July 1, 2022.

“I’ve had a lot of people come up to me excited that we get to repurpose this building,” Council Member Brian Earle said. 

“The partnership with Garden City and Schoolcraft College has been strengthened through this process,” said Dr. Glenn Cerny, Schoolcraft College President. “We’re very pleased that the Radcliff Center will continue to serve the Garden City community in a new way for many years thanks to the actions of Garden City’s City Council. We are excited to continue to work with Garden City to collaborate in the coming years.” 

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for Garden City to move forward into the future,” said Pat Squires, Mayor Pro-Tem.

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