July 12, 2021

Schoolcraft Student Carries “Nana’s” Legacy Forward

Mackenzie Compton

Grandmother serves as inspiration for dual-enrollment student

Schoolcraft College student Mackenzie Compton draws inspiration from her late grandmother, affectionately known as “nana,” as she moves forward to make a positive impact in the world.

“My nana was my grandmother on my father’s side and when my parents got a divorce she basically acted like a second mother to me,” Compton said. “I spent every summer with her camping and swimming in the pool. I was extremely close to her. Whenever I had a problem in life, she was the first person I went to. So when all of this happened it truly was hard on me, but it set off something in me to do better for her.”

Mackenzie sitting with her Nana
With Nana: Mackenzie Compton said her grandmother was like a second mother to her. (Photo provided.)

A native of Livonia, Compton was already familiar with Schoolcraft College. She became a Dual Enrollment student after starting at Livonia Churchill High School and continuing with Michigan Connections Academy.

“The phlebotomy program grabbed my interest,” Compton said of the program about how to learn to draw blood. “At Schoolcraft I took Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 237/238), Math 113, Math 128, Medical Terminology, Medical Office and Procedures, Biology (BIO 101), Software Applications (CIS 120), and Phlebotomy.”

She also plays travel hockey for Belle Tire out of Taylor, is active in in musical theater at Dearborn Youth Theater and works part-time at Ulta Beauty.

Despite carrying such a heavy academic load, working, and participating in other activities, Compton was determined to succeed – both for herself and to honor her nana’s memory.

“My absolute favorite class was medical terminology with professor Kathy Taylor,” Compton said. “She has stuck with me all these years because she truly cared about her students’ success more than anyone I’ve ever met. She helped me on several occasions and had genuine connections for her students. She was my favorite professor without a doubt.”

Professor Taylor, who teaches in the Health Information Technology program, was similarly impressed.

“Mackenzie was a student in my medical terminology class on-campus for the Winter of 2020 semester,” she said. “I remember the first day of class when I met her. She was an excellent student and participated in class positively.  

“It wasn’t until a few weeks into the semester that she mentioned she was a dual-enrolled student, and I was really taken aback by that fact. Mackenzie was the youngest student in class, but one would have never suspected.

“She was a very mature student – very well-spoken and always on time and always prepared for class. She was just a joy to get to know and was well-respected by her classmates.”

Compton heads to Michigan State University this fall to study nursing and human biology as she begins her pre-med path.

“After that, I am planning to attend medical school (hopefully in California) to study cardiology,” she said.

Professor Taylor sees nothing but success in Compton’s future.

“My impression of Mackenzie is she is an intelligent young lady who has a very promising future and will be quite successful,” she said. “She is a self-motivated, hard worker and focused; I am very confident she will achieve her goals. I believe Mackenzie is an inspiration for our future.”

Feature Photo – Graduation: Mackenzie Compton started at Livonia Churchill High School and continued with Michigan Connections Academy. (Photo provided.)

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