July 12, 2021

Former Student Blazes Global Trail of Achievement

Christopher Temporelli singing in front of piano

Renowned classical bass singer adds author to list of accomplishments

Christopher Temporelli is an internationally acclaimed classical singer (bass), concert artist, professor, radio host and now author. This impressive and multifaceted list of accomplishments has its roots in Southeast Michigan, including Schoolcraft College, where he was a student in the fall of 1993 and the winter of 1994. 

“I have such fond memories of Schoolcraft College,” he said. “It was my first collegiate environment to be in and was a wonderful launching place for my future. I would recommend for anyone at the college to really take advantages of the resources the school has to offer, and make the most of opportunities as best one can.”

Christopher Temporelli began his college career at Schoolcraft College, then continued at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. (Photo credit: Won Suk Chang)

Christopher’s mother, Barbara Temporelli, is a Professor of Chemistry at Schoolcraft College. She and his father exposed Christopher to a variety of music at an early age, with performances at the Metropolitan Opera tour in Detroit an early favorite. 

“Chris would sit on the edge of his seat from excitement,” Barbara said.

The desire to go from observer to performer started with piano lessons during pre-school, followed by violin lessons.

“I have such fond memories of Schoolcraft College. It was my first collegiate environment to be in and was a wonderful launching place for my future.”

Christopher Temporelli, classical bass singer who attended Schoolcraft College 1993-94

Music Professor Donald Morelock then became an important instructor and mentor from middle school and on to Schoolcraft College.

“Professor Morelock was my private piano instructor in high school, and it made sense at the time for me to start up my education close to home, at Schoolcraft, and with top-quality professors and instructors,” Christopher said. “I took private lessons in my majors – which I ended up finishing in Piano and Voice performance at Michigan State University – and also took other coursework at Schoolcraft in such courses as music theory, as well as piano pedagogy.

“I also have very fond memories taking part in a choral ensemble.” 

Professor Morelock, who retired in 2011 after more than 40 years of service to Schoolcraft College, appreciated Christopher’s willingness to learn.

“He’s one of those students you don’t forget. He’s very special,” Professor Morelock said. “You could tell early on that he was very talented. He was always prepared for the lessons, interested in what I had to say, interested in making the pieces sound good.

“He was interested in theory and very much wanted a well-rounded education, which he got here at Schoolcraft.”

Christopher then went on to earn a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) Vocal Performance in 2005 from the University of Michigan. 

“One breakthrough moment for me was when I was singing a lead role with the opera at University of Michigan in my graduate school time,” he said. “It was the role of the ‘Forester’ in the opera Cunning Little Vixen. It was a fantastic experience singing a very pivotal role in a performance, and with an excellent team and musicians at U of M. 

“After the performance, for one of the School of Music brochures, my picture was used on the cover, as taken in the role. It gave me a feeling of ‘This career choice just might work out!’”

Performing career takes off

For the next 10 years, Temporelli focused on a performing career based in New York City. 

“It was very exciting to be building this type of career – and traveling around the world sharing music,” he said. “When I had a chance to teach at university, however, it was a new kind of excitement to help others, assist students in gaining these technical and musical skills – and develop themselves into artists. Both experiences have been very satisfying.”

The teaching experiences including serving as visiting professor for classical singing at a number of universities in South Korea. Temporelli also has served as adjudicator on national and international competitions. 

His most recent appearance was at the Seoul Art Center, one of the major venues in Korea and comparable to Lincoln Center in New York Center. Other credits include:

  • Michigan Opera Theater
  • Opera Atelier, Toronto
  • Has sung the U.S. and Italian national anthems for the Columbus Day Parade Gala at the NYC Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
  • Appeared on the red carpet of the Columbus Day Parade on 5th Avenue
  • Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center (Washington, D.C.)
  • National Arts Centre Orchestra (Ottawa, Maestro Pinchas Zukerman)
  • Weill Hall, Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, New York
  • Performed in an Asia a co-production between Beseto Opera and the Prague State Opera at Seoul Arts Center Main Opera House

As with all artists, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on his performance schedule.

“I was in India at the very beginning of the pandemic and needed to cancel last minute a concert there that was to have been my debut concert in India,” Temporelli said. ”I have had some virtual performances over the last period, including 2020 summer in a live broadcast from the Concert Hall of the Seoul Arts Center–and that was very exciting.”

Turning a negative into a positive, Temporelli used the time to finish his book geared toward self-development.

Adding “author” to string of accomplishments

Temporelli is continually challenging himself and expanding his career and personal pursuits, so writing a book is a natural outgrowth. His work, FLOW Freedom Laws of the World ™: “Catch the Wave to your Current of Creativity” launched in December of 2020. 

Christopher Temporelli’s new book is available from Amazon. (Photo provided.)

“I wanted to share my ideas about how to pursue anything in a creative, successful and fun manner!” he said. “In summary, I wanted to have the chance to make these personal ideas available, and relevant, even outside of the field of music.”

Temporelli said along with his full schedule, the book took about two years two complete from conception to publication. It is available at amazon.com in a variety of formats. 

Dr. Temporelli is also happy to announce, that starting with a launch around September 2021, his book will be also be available in physical copies in shops across India, at all major airports and bookstores, published under the Times of India logo. 

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