Focus Series

Each year, the International Institute coordinates a campus-wide focus on one cultural region of the world or global theme. Launched in January 2004, the Focus Series features films, presentations, displays and performances allowing students and community to explore the culture, politics, economics and history of the featured region and its relation to the rest of the world. Instructors in many departments introduce materials related to the theme, and encourage their students to participate in these varied learning opportunities.

The Series sponsors talks by faculty from colleges and universities, leaders in area community organizations as well as other experts speaking on a wide variety of topics about the focus region. These presentations are videotaped and the DVDs are available to students and instructors at Schoolcraft's Bradner Library.

The Focus Series is supported by a generous grant from the Schoolcraft College Foundation.

All these events are free and open to the public.

See below for our upcoming events.

Focus Regions

  • 2004: Middle East
  • 2005: Latin America
  • 2006: Africa
  • 2007: Europe
  • 2008: East Asia
  • 2009: South Asia
  • 2010: Middle East
  • 2011: North America
  • 2012: Latin America
  • 2013: Russia & Environs
  • 2014: Caribbean
  • 2015: Southeast Asia
  • 2016: Immigration & Immigrant Communities
  • 2017: Environmental Challenges in a Changing World
  • 2018: Spirituality and Religion in Today's World 
  • 2019: Exploring Physical & Mental Health Issues in a Global Environment
  • 2020: Language & Communication Around the Globe