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Vol. XXXV, No. 1—Winter 2019

MacGuffin 35.1 Cover

The first issue of The MacGuffin’s 35th volume spotlights the winners of Poet Hunt 23, judged by Alberto Ríos. Matthew J. Spireng took first place for his poem “Ed,” with an honorable mention going to Judith Rosenberg for “Venetian Passageway.” In this issue’s prose category, hit the road—internationally—with Faith Steinberg’s “Getting Bogged Down in Ireland” or—domestically—with Priscilla Long’s “Road Trip;” and back home, join Mary Maloney for an unexpectedly eventful backyard barbeque in “362 Days.” Dessert’s on Lynn DeTurk, whose “Ode to My Flourless Chocolate Torte” is not to be passed up, even if you’re dieting.

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