SC Edge

What is SC Edge?

SC Edge (Earn a Degree, Graduate Early) is an early middle college program where high school students can earn a college degree while still in high school!

SC Edge partners with various high school districts to offer this unique opportunity to students. Students can earn a high school diploma, certificate or an Associate’s Degree in various academic programs. 

What Are the Benefits of SC Edge?

  • K-12 districts are able to expand their options to attract new students
  • School districts can increase their college-going culture
  • Students learn new skills, earn college credits, and earn a credential with little to no cost

Which high schools partner with SC Edge?

  • Airport Community Schools
  • Downriver Career Technical Consortium High Schools (Airport, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Huron, Riverview, Southgate, Trenton, Woodhaven-Brownstown)
  • Redford Union High School
  • Northville High School (pending Michigan Department of Education approval for fall 2021)

 Which majors and credentials can a SC Edge student earn?

Associates Degrees

Students interested in an Associate’s Degree take classes until the end of the 13th year. During the 13th year, students will take all of their classes at Schoolcraft College, expect for one high school class which will be offered in an online format. Reserving one high school graduation requirement course is a mandatory component of an Early Middle College in the state of Michigan. Students who were accepted into the 13th year program will earn a certificate and an associate’s degree.

Certificate Programs

Students interested in a certificate program take classes during their junior and senior year of high school.  

How Does SC Edge Work?

SC Edge is an online and facilitated early college program that is located at the high school. All classes are taught by Schoolcraft College faculty and supported by a high school facilitator.  Students take college courses fall, winter and spring semesters. Classes are built into the student’s high school schedule and offered in a computer lab. Students log into their online course and complete the work with a high school facilitator present to provide support. 

How Much Does SC Edge Cost?

SC Edge tuition is covered by the high school and/or school district.  The requisite fees and textbooks are handled individually by school district.  The tuition will be covered through the end of the 13th year of college.  

How Do I Apply?

SC Edge is only available at partner high schools. Interested students should meet with their high school counselor to discuss the programs and requirements. On average, a grade point average of 2.5 or above is required.

To apply, students need to submit the following documents:

  • SC Edge application (link to application)
  • SC Edge essay
  • High school transcripts 
  • All application materials should be submitted to the high school counselor

School District Information

School districts and high schools that are interested in learning more about this opportunity can contact Stacey Stover at

Check out this video for more information: