Piano Academy for Children

The Study Programs

Elementary Division:

Young students (ages 6-9) in their first two years of piano study

Students attend a weekly 60-minute group lesson in which musical concepts are introduced. In addition, training and guidance are given in the following areas of music study: reading skills, aural awareness, technical development, music theory, repertoire, and performance. Students gain a love of music through games that reinforce concepts, and enjoy sharing music with their peers through a relaxed setting of performance.

A weekly 30-minute private lesson provides individual attention and encouragement that supports the material presented in the group lesson. The private teacher assists with goal-setting and enhancing the learning process and parents are encouraged to attend this lesson in order that they can better help with practicing at home.

Upper Division:

Older beginners or students with piano background
Late elementary through advanced levels

Students attend a weekly 45-minute private lesson. Teachers develop a strong relationship of encouragement and guidance with each student in these lessons. Included in lessons are many of the various aspects of music: new concepts, review of previously taught material, repertoire, technical development, sight reading, memory work, aural awareness and music theory. In addition, students receive help with goal-setting and performance preparation.

Bi-weekly group classes are held for 3rd year students, in which reinforcement is given through music theory, aural awareness, and performance.

Monthly master classes are held for students in their 4th year of study and beyond where they have the opportunity to perform for their peers and receive positive feedback as well as helpful hints on how to improve their repertoire.


Testing and Evaluations

Piano Academy students may participate in the testing programs of the following organizations:

  • Michigan Federation of Music Clubs
  • Michigan Music Teachers Association (Student Achievement Testing Day)
  • Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

Teachers will provide information about dates and fees.


Missed Lessons, Make-up Lessons, and Refunds

The piano staff makes every effort to maintain the orderly schedule found in the calendar. If, however, the college is closed, then the Piano Academy is also closed. The college website will post this information.

If a student cancels a private lesson, a make-up lesson cannot be guaranteed. In the event of illness or family emergency, the teacher will make every effort to schedule a make-up lesson, however, only one make-up lesson per semester will be granted.

Forgotten lessons or lessons cancelled for sporting event or vacations will not be made up.

Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled promptly.


Visiting, Questions, Concerns

Group Lessons:

The piano laboratory is located in room 420 of Schoolcraft’s Forum Building. Because this room has very limited seating, observation of group lessons will be only by arrangement. The class teacher can give you information about this.

Private Lessons:

Parents are welcome but should refrain from bringing other family members.

We are always deeply concerned with the satisfaction, happiness and sense of achievement a student derives from piano study. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress or performance, please speak with your child’s instructor or the Piano Academy Coordinator.


Summer Piano Study

All students in the academy are required to schedule a minimum of six lessons in order to maintain skills and to promote successful performance.

Students who are in the Elementary Division study with the group class teacher. Fees for summer lessons are paid directly to the teacher, not to Schoolcraft.


Parental Support and Recitals

Parents are a vital part of the overall success of piano study. The discipline of practice needs to be encouraged. Like any habit, this takes time and positive reinforcement. This is where parental support and sensitivity are essential. First and second year students flourish with parental “practice-partners”. If a real “practice problem” develops, please be sure to talk with the instructor.

Parents can also facilitate the learning process by bringing their child to all lessons on time with all necessary materials and books. It is essential that students have access to a well-tuned piano in a room free from distraction at home.

A master class experience has proven to be invaluable before public performance and testing. Since performance is such an important part of our study program, it’s important that students make every effort to participate in the master classes when they are offered.

Schoolcraft Piano Academy students have the opportunity to perform in as many as three recitals per year. In October, a very popular Halloween recital is held in the VisTaTech Building Presentation Room. December recitals give students a chance to perform holiday favorites. June recitals close out the school year.

Schoolcraft College’s Music Department sponsors the Wednesday Noon Concert Series throughout the academic year. Events are free and attendance is encouraged.


Books and Tuition

Books and materials will be assigned at the teacher’s discretion and constitute a separate fee from tuition. It is important that you purchase required books promptly.

Tuition is based on two 15-week semesters.

Full payment is due at the beginning of each semester before the first class.

Division Cost
Elementary Division $535 per semester
Upper Division $660 per semester