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Current Issue - Fall 2016

The MacGuffin Fall 2016 CoverThe Fall 2016 edition of The MacGuffin features the winners of our 21st National Poet Hunt Contest. Our guest judge, Li-Young Lee, kicks off the festivities with his insightful judging commentary on p. 102, immediately followed up by the winning poem, Elisabeth Murawski’s “Pedro.” Also featured in this issue are Dan Weinrich’s spotlight on the perennial tradition of “Christmas Lights” and Z.Z. Boone’s seismic “Crash.” This issue’s NonFiction selections include William Crawford’s briefing from Vietnam, “Shit Hook Down!,” and Louis Turan’s remembrance of his father’s love for the open road in “Road Signs”.


  • Steven A. Dolgin, Editor
  • Gordon Krupsky, Managing Editor

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