Tutors strive to create a positive learning environment that will allow students to gain knowledge, build confidence, and learn to be independent learners. This is accomplished through the interaction of CRLA certified peer tutors and volunteers. Our trained tutors interact with faculty, staff and students to ensure that the learning needs of Schoolcraft students are met.

Drop-in is a free service provided by the Learning Assistance Center at Schoolcraft College. LAC tutors can:

  • Help in math, physics, chemistry, biology, accounting and much, much more
  • Assist you in summarizing important information from lectures, notes and textbook readings
  • Help break down vital classroom topic info (and deliver it to you in ways you can understand)
  • Support in-class instruction
  • Clear up confusion
  • Reinforce Rules
  • Create a collaborative learning environment
  • Strengthen foundational and pre-req skills
  • Emphasize class and topic study skills

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