Winter/Spring/Summer 2019 Tuition and Fees

Tuition Rates (Winter/Spring/Summer 2019)

Resident: $115 per credit hour
Non-Resident: $166 per credit hour
Out-of-State: $245 per credit hour
$245 per credit hour

Fees (Winter/Spring/Summer 2019)

Application Fee: $0
Transcript Fee: varies according to delivery method
Parking Fee: $0
Registration Fee: $43 per semester
Service Fee:
$7 per credit hour
Instructional Equipment Fee: $9 per credit hour
Infrastructure Fee: $7 per credit hour
Lab/Learning Management Fee: varies according to individual class
Excess Contact Hour Fee: varies according to individual class

Example: 12 credits as a resident (Winter/Spring/Summer 2019)

Registration Fee: $43
Service Fee: $84 ($7 x 12 credits)
Tuition: $1380($115 x 12 credits)
Instructional Equipment Fee: $108 ($9 x 12 credits)
Infrastructure Fee: $84 ($7 x 12 credits)
Lab/Learning Management Fee: $ ? (Check schedule & add course fee, if applicable)
Total: $1699

Fee Descriptions - Winter/Spring/Summer 2019

Registration Fee

This fee is a refundable fee charged one time per semester regardless of how many credit hours a student registers for during the semester.  This fee is $43 per semester.

Service Fee

This fee defrays the cost of several free services that Schoolcraft provides to students, such as career services, student activities, graduation, parking and admittance to the SC Fitness Center each semester the student is registered.  This fee is $7 per credit.

Lab Fees/Learning Management Fees

This fee is used to cover the cost of special materials, equipment, student assistants, specialized support and other services.  Our learning management system fee (currently Blackboard) is $12 per class, with an additional fee of $10 for classes held in computer labs, allowing the use of additional technology that is otherwise not available in a standard classroom.

Excess Contact Hour Fees

The College charges $108 per excess contact hour with a maximum of 4 excess contact hours per class.

An excess contact hour occurs when the weekly class meeting hours exceed the class credit hours.  For example, if Biology meets 4 hours per week, but Biology is a 3 credit hour class, the student is charged a $108 excess contact hour fee.  If a Nursing class meets 10 hours per week, but the Nursing class is a 4 credit hour class, the student will be charged a $432 excess contact hour fee.

Instructional Equipment Fee

This fee is used to defray the increasing cost of maintaining, upgrading, and replacing the wide variety of electronic equipment and personal computers used in our classrooms.  Software purchases, maintenance agreements, and upgrades are also covered by this fee.  Every student is charged $9 per credit hour for this fee.

Infrastructure Fee

This fee is used to defray the increasing costs associated with maintaining and enhancing the College’s buildings, facilities, and campus grounds.  Deferred maintenance and depreciation of campus infrastructure is also covered by this fee.  Every student is charged $7 per credit hour for this fee.

Tuition Rates: (per credit hour)

Resident $115
Non-Resident $166
Out-of-State $245

If you have any questions, please contact either of the following offices:
Cashier's Office – (734) 462-4449
Student Accounts – (734) 462-4586

Tuition and fees are subject to change, without notice, by action of the Board of Trustees.