Residency Status and Contact Information

Residency status determines the tuition rate students are charged each semester they register. Students are expected to maintain accurate contact information on file with the college, including phone numbers, emergency contact, and address. The College uses your address to determine your residency status and tuition rate. There is a deadline each semester for address changes that impact tuition. Students can update their information in the Registration Center.

A resident student is one whose legal residence is within the College District. The College District includes the public school districts of Clarenceville, Garden City, Livonia, Northville, Plymouth-Canton, and part of Novi. Students may be asked to certify residence status at any time while attending the College. Students are charged tuition based on the address on record in the Records Office. Students with an unreported address change will be charged the appropriate tuition rate. Resident status is determined at the beginning of each semester.

A non-resident student is one who resides outside of the College District.

An out-of-state student is one whose legal residence is beyond the boundaries of the State of Michigan.

International Students: 
International students who are admitted to the college are considered out-of-state residents for tuition rates, regardless of length of residency within the district or state.

Legal Residence Definition:

The legal residence of unmarried students under 18 years of age is that of their parents or guardian, regardless of where the student may reside. For those older than 18, the legal residence is the city in which residence is permanently maintained. Students who change their legal residence must complete a Change of Address form in the Registration Center office. Students will be asked to provide one or more of the following items as proof of resident status:

  • Valid driver’s license, State ID or voter registration card showing the address in question
  • Bills from public utilities defined as electric, gas, or landline phone. Cell phone bills are not accepted
  • Current property tax statement/receipt, rental agreement/receipt, or tax return for the address in question
  • Pay stub or other proof the college finds acceptable

Residency Status Change

The Associate Dean of Enrollment Services will review questions about resident and nonresident status. Students who change their legal residence must complete a Change of Address form in the Registration Center. Addresses are verified by US mail for resident tuition purposes.

Change of Address Form