Testing Center

As of March 18, 2020, all student services will be performed remotely (phone, email, online tools) until further notice.  Please email testing@schoolcraft.edu or call us at 734-462-4806 (Monday - Friday
8:00am -5:00pm) with any questions.

NCTA Professional Standards & Guidelines

Testing Opportunites

The Schoolcraft College Testing Center offers comprehensive testing services for students, faculty, business and industry, groups and individuals.

The Testing Center provides placement testing, specialized testing, and test proctoring.

Placement Testing

Placement testing is a service provided by Schoolcraft College to determine placement into Schoolcraft classes only. Your placement scores will not be provided to other institutions. If you need to enroll at another school, please contact them to make arrangements to take their placement test.

Test Proctoring

The Testing Center provides test proctoring services for other colleges and universities. If you are taking a class at another college and would like to take your exams at Schoolcraft College, please call 734-462-4806 for information.

**Please note:  Schoolcraft On-line/Distance Learning Mathematics courses require exams to be monitored in the Testing Center, however, they are NOT considered $35 Test Proctoring appointments. Please call 734-462-4806 for specific information regarding Schoolcraft On-line/Distance Learning Mathematics course exams.** 

Specialized Testing

The Testing Center offers numerous exams that are available to students and the community. These exams can provide college credit, eligibility for program entry, employment certification, or a high school equivalency credential.