Attendance and Participation

Regular class and participation is necessary for you to be successful at attaining your goals and earning good grades.  

Your instructors will announce any special attendance requirements during the first class meeting of each semester or session and may also list their requirements on your course syllabus.  

Students using Financial Aid funding such as Pell grant, loans, or scholarships can have their awards adjusted if they do not attend their classes and participate regularly. Adjustments can result in the student owing money back to the college.

  • Students are expected to attend all classes except in the event of illness or an unavoidable emergency.

  • Students are responsible for making arrangements to complete all work before attending athletic events, field trips or other college-sponsored events. Assignments must be turned in to instructors before the event or at a time designated by instructors.

  • Students are responsible for meeting all class requirements regardless of absences and/or tardiness from class.  Contact your instructor prior to any absences whenever possible. Do not wait until after you miss a class or deadline to contact your instructor.

  • Students enrolled in certain programs may have specific attendance requirements.  Consult your program’s handbook, limited enrollment program application and/or your course syllabus for more information.

Students are prohibited from attending courses for which they are not officially registered. Your instructors will verify your registration and can ask you to leave class if you are not on the official class roster.

Non-Attendance & NS Grades

It is important that students do not simply stop attending classes. If you enroll in classes and do not wish to complete them, you should officially drop or withdrawal from your courses. Failure to drop or withdrawal by the published deadlines will result in 0.0 or NS grades. The “NS” grade will not be used in computing the grade point average.

Students who enroll and submit no work without formally dropping or withdrawing will receive NS grades signifying No Show. Non-attendance and NS grades have a negative impact on financial aid funding /award amounts and can result in students owing a balance.

NS grades will be submitted by instructors at the end of the 3rd week of the course, with the exception of OE/OE courses. The criteria for the NS grade is as follows:

Traditional courses (held in classroom)  Online Hybrid
Student did not attend at all Student did not submit any academically related assignment Student did not attend at all or did not submit any assignment