Academic Standing

Schoolcraft College has an expectation that students will attend class regularly, be active participants in their education, avail themselves of services and resources that support the learning process, and make every effort to be successful. Students who fail to achieve or sustain good standing will be placed on academic probation or dismissal and will be notified by the college. Students on academic probation and dismissal may be subject to additional requirements in an effort to improve academic performance or may be asked to take some time away from the college. Academic probation and dismissal may affect a student’s ability to enroll in certain programs, receive financial aid and/or veterans funding. The official record (transcript) will reflect these statuses.

Academic Probation

Students who have completed fifteen (15) semester hours with a cumulative grade point average below 2.0 are placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation must meet with a Academic Advisor before registering for any semester or session until academic probation is removed. Academic probation status is removed when the cumulative grade point average is 2.0 or higher.

Academic Dismissal

Any student on academic probation who fails to earn a grade point average of 2.0 or higher after completing a total of thirty (30) semester hours will be academically dismissed from the College. A student may appeal the dismissal. Students on academic dismissal must meet with a Learning Support Services Representative before registering for any semester or session until academic dismissal is removed.

Continuing Probation or Dismissal

Students who are placed on Academic Probation or Academic Dismissal and fail to improve their academic performance will be placed on Continuing Academic Probation or Continuing Academic Dismissal.