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American Anthropological Association
American Indian Art Collections (from the Smithsonian)
AnthroNotes (a publication of the Smithsonian)
Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History
Anthropology Collection Database (California Academy of the Sciences)
Anthropology Collections, American Museum of Natural History (Search by Continent)
Anthropology Glossary
Anthropology LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
Anthropology Resources for Learning (American Museum of Natural History)
Antiquities Coalition
Archaeology Channel
Arctic Studies Center (from the Smithsonian)
Becoming Human (from the Sloan Foundation)
Biological Anthropology Tutorials (from Palomar College)
Cave at Lascaux
Chaco Culture (from the National Park Service)
Cultural Anthropology Tutorials (from Palomar College)
Cultural Heritage Under Threat (Interactive map)
CultureGrid (OER Resource)
Ethnologue Country Index
Ethnologue: Language Name Index
Folklore Wiki
From Cave Paintings to the Internet
Hearst Museum Portal
How Do We Know What We Know? (Human Origins from Exploratorium)
Human Development Reports, United Nations
Human Family Tree (Smithsonian)
Infinity of Nations (Art & History from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian)
Intro to Anthropology (Khan Academy)
JSTOR Early Content Journal Collection (Internet Archive)
JSTOR Open Access eBook Collection (more than 6,000)
Leakey Foundation page
Meso- Web (Meso- American Cultures)
Michigan Discussions in Anthropology (journal full text)
MIT OpenCourseWare Anthropology
National Anthropological Archives (Smithsonian)
National Geographic News
National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian)
National Museum of the American Indian Collections Search
Native American History and Cultural Resources (from ACRL)
Native American Studies Research Guide (MSU Libraries)
Native Web (Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World)
OER Commons, Anthropology
Ojibwe People's Dictionary
Open Anthropology (a Public Journal of the American Anthropological Association)
Open Folklore Digital Library
Prehistoric Art
Race: Are We So Different? (from the American Anthropological Association)
Race: Power of an Illusion (PBS)
Smithsonian, Anthropology Outreach Online
Smithsonian, Anthropology Resources Subject guide
Smithsonian, Collection Search
Smithsonian, Collection Search, Browse by Culture
Smithsonian, Contributions to Anthropology
Smithsonian, Department of Anthropology Online Exhibits
Smithsonian, Directory of Archival & Digital Library Exhibitions on the Web
Smithsonian, Folklife Cultural Education Resources
Smithsonian, Folkways, Browse Music Recordings
Smithsonian, Human Origins
Smithsonian, Native American Cultural Groups, Images (SIRIS Image Gallery)
Smithsonian, Open Access Collection
State of the World's Indigenous Peoples (UN Reports)
TED Talks Anthropology
Visual Anthropology