Webliography Resources

Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
Abraham Lincoln Related Video Lectures (C-SPAN)
Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life (NMAH Smithsonian)
African American Civil War Memorial & Museum, Resources page
African American Migration Digital Collection (from the New York Public Library)
America in the 1930's (from the Univ. of Virginia)
America on the Move (from the Smithsonian)
American Archive of Public Broadcasting, Special Collections
American Civil War History, U.S. Center of Military History
American Civil War Resources (from the Library of Congress)
American Civil War, Free Online Primary Sources (ALA/ACRL)
American Experience PBS
American Founders Online, Digital Historic (from the Library of Congress)
American Historical Association, Directory of History Departments
American History LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
American Journeys Project (Eyewitness Accounts of Early Exploration & Settlement)
American Memory Project: Browse the Historical Collections
American Museum of Natural History, Division of Paleontology
American Presidency (from the Smithsonian)
American Presidency Project
American President, Online Reference Resource Center (from the Univ. of Virginia)
American Revolution: A Documentary History (Avalon Project)
American Revolutionary War Era Map Collection (Boston Public Library)
American Revolutionary War Resource page (National Park Service)
American Social & Cultural History Explorer (from the Smithsonian)
American West, the American Experience (PBS)
America's Founding Documents Collection (National Archives)
Ancient History Encyclopedia
Archives of Michigan (State of Michigan), Seeking Michigan Collection
Art History Collection of Essays (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Avalon Project (Historical Documents Collection, from Yale University Law School)
Ben Franklin, the papers of (from Yale)
Best of History Web sites
Biographical Dictionary
Biographies of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (brief entries)
Black Past Digital History Project (from the Univ. of Washington)
Black Past Digital History Project, African American History in the American West
Black Past Digital History Project, African American History Resources
Canadian Biographies Online
Canadian Encyclopedia
Center for History & New Media (from George Mason University)
Chicago Historical Society, Studs Terkel, Conversations with America
Chicago History Museum, Collections
Chicago History, The Encyclopedia of Chicago
Children and Youth in History
Chronicling America, Browseable Topics
Chronicling America, Newspapers Collection (Library of Congress)
ChronoZoom (Interactive Timelime)
Civil Rights Digital Library, (from the Digital Library of Georgia)
Civil Rights History Project (Library of Congress)
Civil Rights History Project, Collection of Online Interviews (Library of Congress)
Civil War (National Park Service)
Civil War Diaries Digital Collection (from WMU & U of M)
Civil War Photography Collection, Barnard & Gardner Civil War Photographs (Duke University Libraries)
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors system
Civil War@Smithsonian magazine
Cold War International History Project
Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
Collection on Liberty and the American Revolution eBooks, Princeton University Digital Library
Collections Search Center, Smithsonian Institution
Colonial North American Project at Harvard University (Harvard Library)
Colonial Williamsburg E-Museum
Colorado's Historic Newspaper Collection (from 1859- 1923)
Coming of the American Revolution (1764- 1776) Massachusetts Historical Society
Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics (from Harvard)
Creating the United States (from the Library of Congress)
Culture & History of the Americas (from the Library of Congress)
Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents (Library of Congress)
Densho Japanese American Legacy History Project
Dictionary of American Fighting Ships
Digital Civil War Collection
Digital Collection on Liberty & the American Revolution (Princeton)
Digital History Project
Digital Public Library of America
Digital Public Library of America, Primary Source Sets
DocsTeach (U.S. National Archives)
DocsTeach, Explore Primary Sources
Documenting the American South
Documents from the Continental, Congress and the Constitutional Convention 1774- 1789
Early Canadiana
Early Modern World History Resources (1500- 1800)
ECHO, History Resources for Science, Technology & Industry
Edward S. Curtis, North American Indian
Europeana (1914- 1918)
Experiencing War, Veterans History Project (Library of Congress)
Exploring the Early Americas, Library of Congress Digital Collection
Exploring the French Revolution
Eyewitness to History
Famous Trials
Fashion History, Trends, Costumes
FDR Digital Library Collections
FDR Library and Museum
FDR Six Fireside Chats (Internet Archive)
Federalist Papers (Library of Congress)
Foreign Relations of the United States
Founders Constitution (from the University of Chicago)
French Revolution Digital Archive
George Washington, Mount Vernon Encyclopedia
Gilmer Civil War Maps Collection
Global Middle Ages Project
Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture, Browse by Museum A to Z
Grace's Guide to British Industrial History
Grace's Guide to British Industrial History, View by Industry
Hearst Museum Portal
Histography: an Interactive Timeline of History (works with Chrome)
Historic Government Publications from WWII, Digital Library
Historic Threads (Colonial Williamsburg Museum)
Historical Collections of the Great Lakes
Historical Maps (from the Univ. of Texas)
Historical Primary Source Materials LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
History Engine
History Matters (Browse by Topic)
History Matters, Making Sense of Historical Evidence
History Net
History News Network Blog
History of Medicine (from the National Library of Medicine)
History of the Crusades (Univ. of Wisconsin Digital Collections)
History Place
History World (History Timelines, Resources and More)
Holocaust Resources on the Web (from ALA/ACRL)
House Divided, U.S. Civil War Digital Collection, Major Topics page
Images of the French Revolution (from Stanford)
Immigration to the U.S. (1789- 1930) from Harvard
Indians of North America (from the Library of Congress)
Industrial Revolution Sourcebook
Internet African History Sourcebook
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Internet Archive, Text Collection (more than 20 million texts)
Internet England Medieval History Sourcebook
Internet Medieval History Sourcebook
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Internet Science History Sourcebook
Internet Women's History Sourcebook
Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives (JARDA)
Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
JSTOR Daily Magazine
JSTOR Early Journal Content Collection (Internet Archive)
JSTOR Open Content (6,000+ eBooks)
Ken Burns in the Classroom, Collection (PBS)
Labor and Business History links page
Labyrinth, Resources for Medieval Studies
Liberty! The American Revolution, Resources page (PBS)
Library of Congress (Digital Collections)
Library of Congress, (American Memory Project)
Library of Congress, (Chronicling America Newspaper Collection)
Library of Congress, (Research Guides by Subject)
Library of Congress, (State Digital Resources, Historical & Cultural Materials Collections)
Library of Congress, (Teaching Resources page)
Lincoln Net
Literature & Culture of the American 1950's
Making of America
Manhattan Project History
Mapping Gothic France
Medieval History Resources LibGuide (UCSD Libraries)
MERLOT History Portal
Middletown Thrall Library's Links to American history
Military History Resources
Multimedia Histories (from eHistory at OSU)
NARA Access to Archival Databases
National Archives, 100 Milestone Historic Documents Online
National History Education Clearinghouse
National Park Service: Links to the Past
National Security Archive (from George Washington University)
Native American History, (University of Washington Libraries)
New Historian
Nineteenth Century Documents Project
Not Even Past, Interactive History Resources
Old Magazine Articles.Com (Archive of articles from 1900- 1940's)
Outline of American History
Papers of AbrahamLincoln (Library of Congress)
Papers of Frederick Douglass
PBS, U.S. History, (listing of programs)
Photogrammar, Archive of Photography from the Great Depression & WWII, 1935-45 (from Yale Univ.)
Photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company (1880- 1920)
Picturing United States History (from CUNY)
Presidential Recordings & Multimedia Archive (from the Univ. of Virginia)
Presidents of the United States, Resource Guide (from the Library of Congress)
RefDesk.Com History links
Rulers, Abridged List of (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Samuel J May, Anti-Slavery Digital Collection (from Cornell University)
Second World War, Multimedia History (from eHistory)
Shepherd's Historical Atlas (1911 ed.)
Sixties Project
Smithsonian Collection Search
Smithsonian Collections, Explore your Interest
Smithsonian Current Exhibitions
Smithsonian Directory of Archival & Digital Library Exhibitions on the web
Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
Smithsonian Learning Lab
Smithsonian Open Access Collection
Smithsonian Research Online
Smithsonian U.S. Civil War (Special Report)
Smithsonian X 3D (View Artifacts in 3D, works well with Google Chrome)
Smithsonian's History Explorer Search Engine (Educational Resources)
Social Studies Central, Online Resources
State of the Union Addresses, (1790- )
Teaching American History.Org
Teaching American History.Org, Documents Library
Teaching History in the Digital Age (eBook)
Teaching History.Org, National History Education Clearinghouse
the West (PBS)
Thomas Edison, Papers of..
Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive
Thomas Jefferson Papers (from the Massachusetts Historical Society)
Thomas Nast Collection, Princeton University Digital Library
Timeline of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Timeline of Innovation (from the Smithsonian)
Today's Date in History (Library of Congress)
Trenches in the Web (WWI history)
U.S. Army, Center for Military History, Research by Conflict & Time Period
U.S. Civil War Related Collections (from LSU Libraries)
U.S. Civil War, Selected Resources (Library of Congress)
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
U.S. Presidential Libraries (from the National Archives)
Understanding the Declaration of Independence (from NEH)
University of Illinois, Historical Maps Online
Valley of the Shadow, Two Communities in the American Civil War
Veterans History Project (from the Library of Congress)
Victorian Web
Vietnam (PBS, Ken Burns)
Virtual Motor City Image Collection (WSU)
Virtual Museum of Canada
War of 1812 Historical Documents
War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate armies 128 vols (full text)
What was There (Google Maps & Historic Photos)
White House Tapes (Presidential recordings from 1940- 1973, 6 U.S. Presidents)
World History LibGuide (Schoolcraft College)
World History Matters (from George Mason University)
World History Sources, Finding World History
World Monuments Watch, (100 most endangered monuments)
World Rulers
Writings of George Washington (1744- 1799)
WWI Document Archive (from BYU)
WWII, the War (PBS) Documentary