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Higher Education Teaching, Sciences
101 Things you can do during the first three weeks of class
185+ Interactive Teaching Techniques
2018 Directory of Learning & Performance Tools by Category
2018 Top 200 Tools for Education
2018 Top 200 Tools for Teaching & Learning (Interactive Infographic)
2019 Horizon Report for Higher Education
2019 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning (EDUCAUSE)
325+ Google Tools Tutorial Videos (from Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers)
50 of the Best Free Apps for Teachers
635+ Practical Ed Tech Tip Videos (from Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers)
7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (U of M)
75 Top Educational Technology Blogs and Websites for Educators, 2019
80 Free Resources for Educators
Advanced Technological Education (ATE) TV
Affective Domain in the Classroom (SERC Portal for Educators)
Allen Cell Explorer, 3D Cellular Models
American Association of Physics Teachers, Teaching Resources page
American Institute of Biological Sciences, Resources for Teaching & Learning Biology
American Society for Cell Biology, Video Channel
AMSER Applied Math & Science Education Repository
Analytical Sciences Digital Library (NSF)
Association for Women in Science, Resources
ATE Central, Advanced Technological Education, Browse Resources
ATE TV ( Advanced Technological Education Television)
Atlas for a Changing Planet (from ESRI)
Award Winning Teachers on Teaching, Stanford Teaching Commons (Videos by Topic)
BEN BioSciEdNet, Digital Library Portal for Teaching and Learning in Biology
Best Online Collaborative Tools (More than 600+)
Best Practices, a Collection of 65+ Interactive Guides by Subject (from Vanderbilt)
Best Resources for Helping Teachers Use Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom (from Larry Ferlazzo)
Best Teachers Summer Institute Resources on Teaching & Learning
Beyond Bloom: A New Version of the Cognitive Taxonomy
BioEd Online, Videos
BioEdOnline (Biology Teaching Resources)
BioInteractive (Animations, Videos & More from HHMI)
BioQuest Curriculum Consortium
Biotech Institute, Teaching Resources
Biotechnology Teachers Resources Online
Blended Learning Toolkit, Bibliography
Blended Learning Toolkit, Related Journals
Blended Learning Toolkit, Related Organizations & Conferences
Bookshelf, Free Access to Science & Healthcare Texts (NCBI)
Carnegie Institution for Science
Catalog of Math Resources on the Web
CAUSE Teaching Methods, Pedagogic Resource Library
Center for Science and Technology Research
Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education
Center on Education & the Workforce (STEM)
CERN Open Data Portal
Charles Darwin's Virtual Library (from the Biodiversity Heritage Library)
ChemCollective, Resources for Teaching and Learning Chemistry (Carnegie Mellon)
Chemical Education Digital Library
Chemical Education in Two-Year Colleges (from ACS.Org)
Chemical Information Sources
Chemical Molecules in 3D, CanvasMol
Chronicle of Higher Education
Chronicle of Higher Education, 2019 Trends Report
College Teaching Books Listed by Theme (from Stanford)
Community Colleges in the Evolving STEM Education Landscape (National Academies Press)
ComPADRE Digital Library, Physics Resources
CORE (Search the Contents of Open Access Repositories)
Creativity Techniques A to Z
CSERD Metadata Catalog (National Science Foundation)
Curiosity Machine, STEM Resource (National Science Foundation)
Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)
Directory of Open Access Journals, (Browse by Subject)
Distillations, Collection of Science podcasts
Dolan DNA Learning Center Resources page
EBSCO Open Dissertations Search
EdSurge, Higher Education
EDUCAUSE Library, Teaching and Learning Resources
Electronic Environmental and Energy Resources
Elements Database
EurekAlert, Multimedia Science Resources Gallery (from the AAAS)
Exploratorium Digital Library
Exploratorium Digital Library, Browse by Topic
Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry
Exploratorium, Video
Find OER (Open Professionals Education Network)
Frank Potter's Science Gems (K-16)
Genetics Home Reference, Education Resources
Genome: Unlocking Life's Code (Timeline of the Human Genome)
Getting Results, Faculty Development Modules (from the League)
Google Forms Video Tutorial playlist (from Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers)
Google in Education, Free Self-Paced Online Courses
Google, Search Education
Growth Mindset Toolkit
Harvard Websites for Educators
Harvard, Internet Physics Resources
HHMI BioInteractive
HRSA Health Professions (Bureau of Health Professions)
IDEA Center, IDEA Papers Series
Ideas for Great Group Work (from Duke)
Inside Higher Ed
Inside Science, Resource Collection
IntechOpen (access more than 4,200+ Science eBooks)
Interactive Lecturing Resources (SERC)
Isaac Newton Project
JSTOR Daily Magazine
JSTOR Open Content
Learn Chemistry, Browse Resources (filter by type)
Learn Genetics (from Univ. of Utah)
Learner Centered Teaching (Felder)
Library of Congress, Science Reference Guides
Library of Congress, Science Tracer Bullet Series
Life Science Teaching Resource Community
Listing of Other Teaching & Learning Centers (from the Univ. of Kansas)
MAA, Online Browse Classroom Capsules and Notes (National Science Foundation)
Make Projects Library (from Make Magazine)
MATDL Materials Pathway (NSDL)
MatEdu Modules Collection (NSF/MatEdu)
Materials Education National Resource Center (NSF)
Math Forum, MathTools Library
MathBench Biology Modules (Univ. of Maryland)
MathDL (Mathematical Sciences Digital Library)
Mathematics Across the Community College Curriculum Project
MathIsPower4u, (video tutorials collection)
MedEdPortal (Collection of Learning Objects)
MedlinePlus, Videos and Cool Tools
Mendelian Inheritance in Man ( from NCBI)
MERLOT, Biology Portal
MERLOT, Chemistry Portal
MERLOT, Health Sciences Portal
MERLOT, Pedagogy Portal
MERLOT, Physics Portal
MERLOT, Teacher Education Portal
Michigan Collaborative Girls Project (STEM)
Microbial Life Educational Resources
Microsoft Academic Search
Mindset Kit (from PERTS, Stanford)
Mindset Online
MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare, Life Sciences
Mobilizing Minds: Teaching Math & Science in the Age of Sputnik (National Museum of American History, Smithsonian)
Molecular Literacy Project (from the NSF)
Molecular Workbench
Motivating Students (SERC Portal for Educators)
NanoHub Resources page
NASA Image and Video Library
National Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine
National Academies Press
National Academies Press, Browse Topics
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, Case Collection
National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics (NCSES)
National Center for Science Education and Civic Engagement
National Girls Collaboration Project (STEM Education)
National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Science Education Resources
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Virtual Library (NIST)
National Institutes of Health (NIH), Science Education
National Library of Medicine, Learning Resources Database
National Numeracy Network, Teaching Resources
National Science Digital Library
National Science Digital Library, Browse by Collection
National Science Digital Library, Community College Resources for Faculty & Students
National Science Foundation, Discoveries
National Science Foundation, Multimedia Gallery
National Science Foundation, Pathways to Science
National Science Foundation, YouTube Channel
National STEM Centre, Resources
Neuroscience Education Resources
NIST, Materials Science Portal
NOVA Education (PBS)
NSTA STEM, Classroom Resources
Ocean Data Viewer
OER Commons Hubs, Browse the Featured Collections
OER Commons, Open Educational Resources
OER Commons, STEM Literacy Resource Hub
On the Cutting Edge, Resources for Teaching Undergraduates (SERC Portal for Educators)
Online Structural Engineering Library
Open Access Eprint Archives, Collection of Resources (from the Library of Congress)
Open Access Publishing Directory by Subject (from Truman State Univ.)
Open Science Directory
Open Source Physics (National Science Foundation)
Open Source Physics, Browse by Subject (National Science Foundation)
Pathways to Science (STEM)
Pedagogy in Action, SERC Portal for Educators
Pedagogy in Action, Teaching Methods
PhET Interactive Simulations (Univ. of Colorado)
Physical Sciences Resource Center
Physical Sciences Resource Center, Browse by Subject
Physics Classroom, Multimedia
Physics Education Research Central
Physics Lecture Demonstrations (Univ. of Minnesota)
Pindex (Pinterest for Education)
Plants of the World Online
PLOS (Public Library of Science)
PLOS Biology
PLOS Clinical Trials
PLOS Genetics
PLOS Journals
PLOS Medicine
Presentation Tools, Tips and Techniques, LibGuide
Problem Based Learning & Case Based Learning: PBCL Tools & Resources
Process of Science (Modules, NSF)
Project Kaleidoscope, STEM Resources
Proteopedia, 3D Interactive Molecular Encyclopedia
Public Health Genomics (CDC)
Purdue/OWL, Writing Resources By Topic (site map)
Real World Math (Resources for Teaching Math with Google Earth)
References and Resources for Just in Time Teaching
Resources for STEM Education (National Science Foundation)
Richard Felder's Legacy home page
Schreyer Institute, Tools for Teaching & Learning (Penn State Univ)
Science (Free eBook Collection, OpenTextbook Library)
Science 360, a Collection of Science Videos & Lectures (National Science Foundation)
Science and Health (Association of American Colleges and Universities)
Science Education and Civic Engagement: an International Journal
Science Education Resource Center (SERC)
Science Friday
Science Magazine, Multimedia Resources page
Science Open
Science Teaching Resources (University of Michigan)
Scientific American, Podcasts
Secrets of the Sequence, , Video Collection (from VCU)
Self Efficacy: Helping Students Believe in Themselves (SERC Portal for Educators)
Smithsonian Science Education Center
STEM Career (Resources page)
STEM Connector
STEM Education 2018 Indicators (National Science Foundation)
STEM Education Center, Resources page (Univ. of Minnesota)
STEM Education Coalition
STEM Education Data & Trends (National Science Foundation)
STEM Education Resource Guide
STEM Literacy Hub (OER Commons)
STEM Resource List of More than 40 Useful STEM Resource Websites
STEM Support Resources
STEM Transitions.Org
Student Success (Free eBooks, OpenTextbook Library)
Symbolab, Scientific Equation Search Engine
Teach Engineering, STEM Resources (K-12)
Teach Me Anatomy
Teaching & Learning Centers (Listing from the University of Kansas)
Teaching Genetics (from Univ. of Utah)
Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast
Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM, Resources page
Teaching Journals Directory (Kennesaw State University)
Teaching Resources: Botany and Plant Pathology (Purdue)
Teaching Spatial.Org, Resources page
Teaching Time Savers, Series of Articles (Mathematical Association of America)
Technology Student Association (STEM)
TED- ED Lessons, Flip This Video
TED Talks By Brilliant Women in STEM
TED-Ed Periodic Table of Videos
Tomorrow's Professor Postings By Category
Top iPad Apps & Tools
Twitter Hashtags for Higher Education (Listing of from Inside Higher Ed)
Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids (239 Cool Websites)
Understanding Science, Teaching Resources (K-16)
Usable Knowledge, Connecting Research to Practice (Harvard)
Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching, Guides
Virtual Technical Reports LibGuide (Univ of Maryland Libraries)
Visionlearning, Peer Reviewed Teaching Multimedia (National Science Foundation)
What's Your Problem? EdTech Video Series (Schoolcraft College)
WikiPreMed Image Archive
WolframAlpha, Examples by Topic
Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering (NSF.Gov)
Workbench Explore Our Projects (Project Based Learning/STEM/MakerEd)
World Library of Science (WLoS)
World Library of Science, eBooks
World Science U
Wyss Institute (Harvard)