Webliography Resources

Ancient History
A History of the World in 100 Objects (BBC & the British Museum)
ABZU (A Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East)
Ancient Art Civilizations (Khan Academy)
Ancient China (from the British Museum)
Ancient Egypt (from the British Museum)
Ancient Egyptian Art & History
Ancient Egyptian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ancient Greece (from the British Museum)
Ancient Greek Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ancient History Encyclopedia
Ancient History Sourcebook
Ancient India (from the Ancient History Encyclopedia)
Ancient Mesopotamia, Digital Collection
Ancient Mesopotamia, Teaching Resources
Ancient Mesopotamian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ancient Near East & the Mediterranean World, Digital Library Project
Ancient Near Eastern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ancient Roman Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ancient World Digital Library
Ancient World Mapping Center
Antiquities Coalition
Atlas of Human History (National Geographic)
Attalus, Greek & Roman History (from 324BC- 54BC)
Chaco Culture (from the National Park Service)
ChronoZoom (Interactive Timelime)
Classical Art Research Centre
Corinth Computer Project, Ancient history links
Cultural Heritage Under Threat (Interactive map)
CyArk, Projects
Dead Sea Scrolls (Library of Congress Exhibit)
Duke Papyrus Archive
Egyptians History (from the BBC)
Encyclopedia Mythica
Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology
Forum at Pompeii
Forum Romanum
Forum Romanum (from Khan Academy)
Giza Archives
Greek Medicine of the Ancient Greeks
Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies, useful links page
Histography: an Interactive Timeline of History (works with Chrome)
Historical Map Collection (Perry Castenada, Univ of Texas)
Index of Maps of the Ancient Greek World
Internet Ancient Greece History Sourcebook
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Internet Ancient Rome Sourcebook
Introduction to Greek Pottery
JSTOR Early Journal Content Collection (Internet Archive)
JSTOR Open Access eBook Collection (more than 6,000)
Lacus Curtius, A Gateway to Ancient Rome
Legacy of Genghis Khan
Library of Congress, Ancient History Internet Resources
Maya Web Resources
Mesoamerican Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Mesopotamia, Historical Resources
Mongols in World History
Mysteries of the Nile (PBS)
Odyssey Online
OER Commons, Ancient Civilizations
Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Open Textbook Library, Ancient History
Perseus Project (from Tufts University)
Precolumbian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Pyramids the Inside Story (PBS)
Riddles of the Sphinx (PBS Nova)
Roman Empire in the 1st Century (from PBS)
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Smithsonian Learning Lab
Speculum Romanae Digital Collection
Stoa Consortium, Ancient History Resource blog
Stone Pages (ancient monuments of megalithic Europe)
Theoi Project, Greek Mythology Resources
Timelines of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Treasures of Ancient Egypt (BBC)
Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
University of Michigan, Classical Archaeology page
Vikings History
Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization