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Higher Education Teaching
101 Things you can do on the first three weeks of class
185+ Interactive Teaching Techniques
2019 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning (EDUCAUSE)
2019 Study of Community College Students and Their Use of Technology, EDUCAUSE (ECAR)
2020 Directory of Learning & Performance Tools by Category
2020 Horizon Report: Teaching and Learning Edition (EDUCAUSE)
2020 Student Technology Report: Supporting the Whole Student (EDUCAUSE)
2020 Top 200 Teaching & Learning Tools
2020 Top 200 Tools for Teaching & Learning (Interactive Infographic)
2021 Listing of OER Resources (from Zillman)
30 Ideas for Teaching Writing (from the National Writing Project)
485+ Google Tools Tutorial Videos (from Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers)
50 Higher Ed Must Read IT Blogs
51 Tools You Can Use Now, a BYOD Toolchest (from Edutopia)
600+ Online Collaboration Tools by Category
7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (U of M)
7 Things You Should Know About (EDUCAUSE Series of Learning Technology Topics)
75 Top Educational Technology Blogs and Websites for Educators, 2020
80 Free Resources for Educators
985+ Practical Ed Tech Tip Videos (from Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers)
Active Learning Resources, (University of Minnesota)
Agile Learning Blog (Derek Bruff)
AMSER, Applied Math & Science Education Repository
Analytical Sciences Digital Library
Award Winning Teachers on Teaching, Stanford Teaching Commons (Videos by Topic)
BEN BioSciEdNet, Digital Library Portal for Teaching and Learning in Biology
Best Online Collaborative Tools (More than 600+)
Best Practices, a Collection of 75+ Interactive Guides by Subject (from Vanderbilt)
Best Resources for Helping Teachers Use Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom (from Larry Ferlazzo)
Best Teachers Summer Institute, Resources on Teaching & Learning
Beyond Bloom: A New Version of the Cognitive Taxonomy
Bibliography of Research on Teaching and Learning (Univ. of Colorado)
Blended Learning EDUCAUSE Library
Blended Learning Toolkit, Bibliography
Blended Learning Toolkit, Related Journals
Blended Learning Toolkit, Related Organizations & Conferences
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, Resources page
Carnegie Mellon, Eberly Center for Teaching
Center for Instructional Technology, (Duke University)
Center for Research on Learning & Teaching, Resources page (from the University of Michigan)
Centers for Teaching Excellence (Google Custom Search)
Chronicle of Higher Education
Chronicle of Higher Education, 2020 Trends Report
College Teaching Books Listed by Theme (from Stanford)
Columbia University Teachers College, Faculty Expertise Database
Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources
Community College Enterprise: a Journal of Research & Practice (Schoolcraft College)
Community College Finder
CORE (Search the Contents of Open Access Repositories)
Creative Commons Search
Creative Commons, Browse by Collection
Creativity Techniques A to Z
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Resources page
Digital Commons, Listing by Institution
Digital Writing 101 blog
Directory of Open Access Journals
Edge Foundation, Conversations
EdSurge, Higher Ed
Education Resource Organizations Directory (ED.Gov)
Educational Development Centers (from Dalhousie University)
Educational Technology & Mobile Learning, Browse All Categories of Resources
Educational Technology & Mobile Learning, Teacher Tools
Educational Technology blog
EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
EDUCAUSE Library, Teaching and Learning
EDUCAUSE Next Generation Learning Challenges, Web Resources
eLearn Magazine
EvoLLLution, Teaching & Learning (archive)
Faculty Resource Network (publications of) from NYU
Find OER (Open Professionals Education Network)
Flipping your Class Resources (Univ of Texas)
Free Technology for Teachers blog
Free Web Tools that Require No Registration (L Houle's Ed Tools)
Getting Results, Faculty Development Modules (from the League)
Getting Smart (Think, Learn, Innovate)
Google for Education, Free Self-Paced Online Courses
Google Forms Video Tutorial playlist (from Free Technology for Teachers)
Google Tutorials Collection (from Free Technology for Teachers)
Google, Search Education
Growth Mindset Toolkit
Harvard EdCasts
Harvard Websites for Educators
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Portal (HETL)
ICPSR Teaching and Learning Data Resources
IDEA Center, IDEA Papers Series
IDEA Center, Research & Papers
Ideas for Great Group Work (from Duke)
Ideas for Teaching (Yale Univ.)
Index of Learning Theories & Models
Innovative Learning, Teaching & Learning Resources
Inside Higher Ed
Instructional Design Knowledge Base (George Mason University)
Instructional Design.Org
Instructional Strategies & Resources (Univ. of Texas)
Interactive Lecturing Resources (SERC)
JSTOR Daily Magazine
JSTOR Open Content (6,000+ eBooks)
Ken Burns in the Classroom, Collection (PBS)
Learn Genetics (from the Univ. of Utah)
Learner Centered Teaching (Felder)
Learning from YouTube
Learning Support Centers in Higher Education, Resources page
Learning Theories
MERLOT, Faculty Development Portal
MERLOT, Pedagogy Portal
Michigan Virtual University, Professional Learning Portal
Mindset Kit (from PERTS, Stanford)
Mindset Works
MindShift (KQED)
National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs page
National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs, Resources page
National Learning Communities Directory, Learning Communities Resources
National Science Digital Library
National Science Digital Library, Browse the Collection of Resources
National Service Learning Clearinghouse
New Media Consortium, publications (NMC.Org)
New Technology Teaching & Learning Tools LibGuide
OER Commons Hubs, Browse the Featured Collections
OER Commons Search
Online Education Resources
Online Learning Update Blog
Open Access Publishing Directory by Subject (from Truman State Univ.)
Open Access Theses and Dissertations (ProQuest)
Open Courseware Consortium
Open Culture Blog, Best Free Cultural & Educational Media
OpenStax, eBooks Collection Browse by Subject
Other Community College Teaching & Learning Centers (Listing from the University of Kansas)
Pedagogy in Action (SERC Portal for Educators)
Pedagogy in Action, Teaching Methods (SERC Portal for Educators)
Peer Instruction blog, Turn to your Neighbor
Presentation Tools, Tips and Techniques, LibGuide
Principles of Teaching & Learning (from Carnegie Mellon University)
Purdue/OWL, Writing Resources By Topic (site map)
Richard Byrne's Favorite Tech Resources for Teachers
Richard Felder's Legacy home page
Ryerson University, Best Practices Series, Archive of Topics
Searle Center for Teaching Excellence Resource links page (Northwestern University)
Semantic Scholar (Academic Search engine)
Skills Commons, Workforce Development Digital Library
Student Success (Free eBooks, OpenTextbook Library)
Students at the Center Hub, Resources page
Teach Genetics (from Univ. of Utah)
Teaching & Learning Webliography (from UBC)
Teaching Guides by Topic (Vanderbilt Univ. Center for Teaching)
Teaching History in the Digital Age eBook
Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast
Teaching Journals Directory (Kennesaw State University)
Teaching Professor Blog (Faculty Focus)
Teaching Resources (Derek Bok Center, Harvard)
Teaching Resources (Grand Valley St. Univ.)
Teaching Resources (Indiana University, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning)
Teaching Resources by Topic (from Vanderbilt Center for Teaching)
Teaching Resources, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (Univ. of Iowa)
Teaching Strategies (from U of M)
Teaching Tips (Lansing Community College, Center for Teaching Excellence)
Teaching Tips Index (from Honolulu CC)
Teaching Tolerance Resources (from the Southern Poverty Law Center)
TED- ED Lessons, Browse by Subject
Tomorrow's Professor Postings By Category
Twitter 101 for Conference Backchannels (guide video)
Twitter Hashtags for Higher Education (Listing of from Inside Higher Ed)
University of New England, Teaching Resources page
Usable Knowledge, Connecting Research to Practice (Harvard)
Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching, Guides
Visual Thinking Teaching Guide (Vanderbilt)
Web Sites Related to Teaching and Learning (from Montclair State Univ.)
Web Tools for Students (that require no registration)
Websites for Instructional Use (from Clemson)
What's Your Problem? EdTech Video Series (Schoolcraft College)
Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse
Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse, Resources page