Webliography Resources

Higher Education Learning Objects
AMSER, Applied Math & Science Education Repository
Analytical Sciences Digital Library
Annenberg Learner, Collection of Interactives (K-16)
ATE Central, Browse Resources
BASE, Academic Search Engine (Searches 1720 Open Access Repositories Worldwide)
BEN BioSciEdNet
BEN BioSciEdNet, Browse Resources by Subject
BioEd Online
Bloomin Apps Revised Interactive Taxonomy
Boundless Resources, Browse 21 Academic Subjects and/or Add your Content
Chemistry Simulations Resources (PHET/NSF)
CK-12.Org, Teaching Objects Resources
Collections Search Center, Smithsonian Institution
Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources
Complete Guide to Open Educational Resources (from Campus Technology)
CORE (Search the Contents of Open Access Repositories)
Creative Commons Image Search
Creative Commons Search
Creative Commons, Content Directories
CSERD Metadata Catalog (National Science Foundation)
Dolan DNA Learning Center
Education/OER Resources (Creative Commons)
EDUCAUSE Library, Learning Objects
EurekAlert, Browse Multimedia Science Resources Gallery (from the AAAS)
Exploratorium Digital Library, Browse by Topic
Find OER (Open Professionals Education Network)
Game Changers, Education & Information Technology (eBook) EDUCAUSE
Genetics Home Reference, Education Resources
Google Search Education
GoOpen Michigan (OER Commons)
HathiTrust Digital Library, 1923 Publications
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, BioInteractive
Interactivate Math & Science (CSERD, NSDL)
Khan Academy, Video Library
Learn Genetics (Utah)
Learning Objects Resource Guide, LibGuide (Univ of Illinois)
Library of Congress, Browse Collection by Format
Life Science Teaching Resource Community
Lumina Learning Candela Courseware, OER Commons
MatEdu Modules Collection (NSF/MatEdu)
Materials Education National Resource Center (NSF)
Math Forum (Drexel)
MIT OpenCourseWare
Moving Image Gateway
National Library of Medicine, Learning Resources Database
National Science Digital Library
National STEM Centre, Resources
OER Commons Hubs, Browse the Featured Collections
OER Commons Search, (Open Educational Resources)
OER World Map
Open Access Journals & Repositories webliography
Open Access Publishing Directory by Subject (from Truman State Univ.)
Open Course Library
Open Culture Blog, Best Free Cultural & Educational Media
Open Education Consortium
Open Educational Resources in Higher Education Guide (C&RL News)
Open Source Physics (National Science Foundation)
Open Source Physics, Browse by Subject (National Science Foundation)
OpenStax/CNS Library, Browse eBooks by Subject (Rice University)
PBS Learning Media (more than 14,000 resources by subject area k-16)
PBS Learning, Browse Level 13+ Resources
PhET Interactive Simulations (Univ. of Colorado)
Pindex (a Pinterest for Education)
Real World Learning Objects Resource Library
Remix-T, Project Gallery (Univ. of Notre Dame)
Science Education Resource Center
Smithsonian Learning Lab
Smithsonian X 3D (View Artifacts in 3D, works well with Google Chrome)
Social Science Research Network
STEM Literacy Hub (OER Commons)
Teach Genetics (Utah)
TeachingWithData.Org, Pathway to Quantitative Literacy in the Social Sciences
Where to Find OERs
Wikimedia Commons
Wisc-Online Collection of Learning Objects
Workbench Explore Our Projects (Project Based Learning/STEM/MakerEd)
Xpert, Public E- Learning Repository