Webliography Resources

2019 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (U.S. Dept. of State)
Annotated Constitution (from the Cornell Law School)
Authenticated Congressional Bills (from the GPO)
Barack Obama Presidential Library
BBC, Country Profiles
Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets Information by Country (U.S. State Department)
Bills This Week (U.S. House of Representatives)
Budget of the United States
C- SPAN The Executive Branch
C- SPAN Video Library
C- SPAN Video Library, Browse by Series
Case Law Access Project, (Case Law from 1658- )
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
Census of Governments
Civics Renewal Network, Resources page
Code of Federal Regulations
Compilation of Presidential Documents
Compiling a Federal Legislative History: a Beginner's Guide (Library of Congress)
Congress.Gov, Legislative Process videos
Congress.Gov, U.S. Founding Documents
Congressional District Map
Constitute Project (View the Worlds Constitutions)
Constitution Annotated (from Congress.Gov)
Constitution of the United States (National Archives)
Constitution USA (PBS)
Country Analysis Briefs, U.S. Energy Information Administration
Country Links A to Z (Business Lauch Pad, Univ. of Minnesota)
Country Specific Information for Travel (U.S. State Department)
CRS Reports Search (Congressional Research Service/Library of Congress)
CyberCemetery, (Archive of U.S. Gov't Websites)
DocsTeach (U.S. National Archives)
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
Europa Gateway to the European Union
Famous Trials
Federal Register
Find Members of Congress (from Congress.Gov)
Foreign Assistance.Gov
GAO Reports & Testimonies, Browse by Topic
George W Bush Executive Orders, 2001- 2009 (National Archives)
Government Periodicals U.S. (Listing through the Univ. of Louisville)
GovInfo.Gov (U.S. Government publications)
GovInfo.Gov, Advanced Search of U.S. Government Publications
GovInfo.Gov, Browse by Committee (U.S. Government publications)
GovInfo.Gov, Browse Documents A to Z
GovSpeak, Guide to Government Acronyms & Abbreviations
GovTrack (Tracking the Legislation of the U.S. Congress)
GovTrack, Congressional Votes Database
GPO MetaLib (Catalog of U.S. Government Publications Federated Search Tool)
Guide to U.S. Federal Law Online (Library of Congress)
Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Legislative Glossary (from Congress.Gov)
Library of Congress, Learning page
Michigan Legislature website
Michigan Voter Information Center
Michigan's Open Data Portal
Mueller Report (U.S. Department of Justice)
Municodes Library
National Association of Counties (NACO)
National Constitution Center
Notify U.S., NIST, ANSI Standards
Oversight.gov (Collection of U.S. Inspector Generals Reports)
Pew Research, U.S. Politics
Researching Current Federal Legislation & Regulations, Guide to Resources (2017, CRS)
Robert's Rules of Order (1915 ed.)
Rulers, Abridged List of
Standards.Gov (SIBR Database)
Standing Committees of the U.S. Congress (from Congress.Gov)
State Agency Databases (listing by state from ALA GODORT)
State of Michigan Legislation, Search by Category
State of Michigan, Campaign Finance search
State of Michigan, Listing of Official Web Sites
State of the State Speeches 2020
Sunlight Foundation, Listing of Legislative Research Tools
Think Tank Search, Google Custom Search of 1,200+ Think Tanks & Research Centers
U.S. Congress.Gov
U.S. Congress.Gov, Legislation
U.S. Constitution Explorer (Visualization)
U.S. Courts Opinions (Govinfo.gov)
U.S. Government Manual
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Presidential Libraries & Museums (U.S. National Archives)
U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate Virtual Reference Desk
U.S. State Dept. Biographies (by title & country)
U.S. State Law (Justia)
U.S. Supreme Court Argument Sessions, Audio Recordings
U.S. Supreme Court Cases (vols 1- 588+)
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions by Topic
U.S. Treaties (Library of Congress)
UN Digital Library (United Nations)
UNESCO Open Access Publications
UNifeed, United Nations News
United Nations Charter
United Nations, Official Documents Online
United Nations, Search
United States Code
United States Treaties (Library of Congress)
USA Facts
USA.Gov, A to Z Index of Government Departments & Agencies
USA.Gov, Blog
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
Who's Who in the U.S. Government
World Development Reports by Region (World Bank)
World Factbook
World Rulers
Yearbook of the United Nations (1946- 2019)
YouTube, National Archives
YouTube, U.S. Government Channel
YouTube, United Nations Channel
YouTube, White House