Webliography Resources

Evaluating Web Resources
About "Fake News" (from UC Berkeley Libraries)
Checklist for Evaluating Web Resources (from Cornell Univ.)
Columbia Journalism Review
Critical Evaluation of Information (Schrock)
Critical Thinking Web
Evaluate My Sources, Research Guide (from VCU)
Evaluating Information Found on the Internet (Johns Hopkins)
Evaluating Information: "Fake News" (from Univ. of Washington Libraries)
Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning (from Stanford)
Evaluating Medical Resources on the Web (from the NIH)
Evaluating Sources (Purdue/OWL)
Evaluating Sources (Univ. of Texas)
Evaluating Web Content Guide (from the University at Albany)
Evaluating Websites (from Univ. of Texas Arlington)
Evaluating Websites, Criteria & Tools (from Cornell)
Factitious (Free Critical Thinking Game for News Sources)
Fake News & Misinformation (Univ. of Michigan, Hatcher Graduate Library)
Fake News, Misinformation & Propaganda Research Guide (Harvard Library)
Fake News: How to Spot It (from Enoch Pratt Free Library)
Fighting Fake News (from the American Library Association)
FLACKCheck.Org (Annenberg Public Policy Center)
Google Advanced Operators for Web Search
Hoax- Slayer
How to Identify and Avoid Fake News (Indiana University East Campus Library)
Media Bias/Fact Check
Media Literacy LibGuide (from the University of Kansas)
PolitiFact.Com, Browse by Issue
Searching the World Wide Web (a Tutorial Guide from Purdue/OWL)
Verification Handbook (European Journalism Center)
Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers (Free eBook)
Web Literacy Map (from Mozilla)
What is "Fake News"? (from Penn State Univ. Libraries)