Webliography Resources

2018 Distressed Communities Index Map, Searchable by Zip Code
2020 Index of Economic Freedom
2020 Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories
2021 New Economy Web Resources (LLRX)
ALA/RUSA Best of the Best Economics Web sites
American Economic Association, Resources for Economics
Atlas of Rural & Small Town America
Automobile Industry (Reuters Special Coverage)
Bailout, Stimulus: Your Essential Guide (Resources from the Columbia Journalism Review)
Bank Data and Statistics (from the FDIC)
BEA International Trade & Investment Country Facts
Beige Book, Summary of Economic Conditions 2020 (Federal Reserve)
BEOnline Business Internet Subject Guide (from the Library of Congress)
Better Money Habits, Video Tutorials
Bloomberg Businessweek, Markets and Finance
Brookings Institution, Global Development
Brookings Institution, Manufacturing
Brookings Institution, Transformative Placemaking
Brookings Institution, U.S. Economics
Budget of the United States
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Economy at a Glance
Bureau of Labor Statistics, TED: The Economics Daily
Bureau of Labor Statistics, TED: The Economics Daily, Browse by Topic
Business & Economics Research Advisor, Oil & Gas Industry (Library of Congress)
Buy Now, Pay Later: a History of Personal Credit (from the Harvard Business School)
CBO's Economics page
Chair the Fed, (Monetary Policy Simulation Game)
China Up Close: Understanding the Chinese Economy (from the Federal Reserve of Chicago)
CNN/Money, Economic News
Community Wealth.Org (Wealth Building Strategies for America's Communities)
Compare50, Compare and Track data across all 50 states
Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
Congressional Budget Office
Consumer Price Index Calculator
Consumer Price Indexes
Council on Foreign Relations, Budget, Debt & Deficits
Council on Foreign Relations, Debt Ceiling Resources
Council on Foreign Relations, Economics
Council on Foreign Relations, Economics Crises
Council on Foreign Relations, Trade
Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Trade Deficit
Credit Conditions in the U.S. (from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Doing Business, Economic Data Project (World Bank)
Economagic: Economic Time Series page
Economic Education Resources (from the St. Louis Fed)
Economic Indicators (U.S. Census)
Economic Indicators, (Search by Month or Year back to 1995)
Economic Issue Guides, Economic Policy Institute
Economic Mobility of the States (Pew Research)
Economic Mobility Project (from Pew Research)
Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, 2020 (from OECD)
Economic Policy Institute
Economic Report of the President
Economic Survey of the United States 2020 (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
Economics (Free eBook Collection, OpenTextbook Library)
Economics Glossary (the Economist)
Economics Hot Topics, Interactive modules (from the Foundation for Teaching Economics)
Economics Web Resources page
Economist, Markets & Data
Economist, Multimedia Collection
Economist, Topics A to Z
Economy Web Resource Guide (Middletown Thrall Library)
Emergency Financial System Bailout, (text of from the New York Times)
Encyclopedia of Business & Economic History
Eurostat, European Statistics
Exchange Rates (from the BEOnline Business page, Library of Congress)
Explore Census Data
Explore Government Subsidies, Michigan (Interactive Feature, New York Times)
Factors in Food Commodity Price Increases (from the USDA)
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Teacher Resources Index
Federal Reserve Board
Federal Reserve, Regulatory Reform page
Financial Literacy Resources (from the PBS Newshour)
Financial Literacy Resources for Parents and Caregivers
Financial News topics (from the Federal Reserve)
FRASER (Federal Reserve Archival System for Research)
Freakonomics Blog
FRED Economic Research
Frontline (PBS) Business & Economics related programs
G20 Summit home page
Gallup, Economy
Global Economic Outlook 2020 (World Bank)
Global Financial Crisis (from the Financial Times)
Google Finance
Harvard Business School, Working Knowledge for Business Leaders
Hypertextual Finance Glossary (from Duke University)
Index of Economic Freedom 2020 (Heritage Foundation)
Institute for Economic Thinking
Institute for Economic Thinking, Video Collection
International Economic Data by Country
International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund eLibrary (IMF)
International Monetary Fund, Browse by Country
JSTOR Daily Magazine
Khan Academy, Economics and Finance
Levy Economics Institute of Bard College
Living Wage Calculator (from MIT)
London School of Economics, Lectures & Events
Longitudinal Employer- Household Dynamics (U.S. Census Bureau)
Maker Move (Startup Tools & Resources)
Manufacturing in America 2020 (from U.S. Census)
Markets Data Center (from the Wall Street Journal)
Mathematics for Economics: Enhancing Teaching & Learning (METAL)
Measuring Worth
Michigan Economy at a Glance
Michigan Economy, Subject Guide (from EMU)
Michigan Labor Market Information, MI Fast Facts page
Michigan Labor Market, Data Search
Michigan League for Public Policy, Jobs & Economic Resources
Michigan's Labor Market News
Minimum Wage Laws of the U.S. (Interactive map, U.S. Dept of Labor)
MIT OpenCourseWare Economics
MSU Global Edge
MSU Global Edge, State of Michigan Insights
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Economists Club, Podcasts
New Economy Analytics, Resources & Alerts, 2021
Nobel Prize- Economics
NPR, Economics News
NPR's Marketplace
Office of Management and Budget
Office of the United States Trade Representative
Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
Pew Financial, Fiscal and Economic Policy
Poverty in America Map (from ESRI)
Poverty USA, Maps & Data
Practical Money Skills, Resources page
Recovery Tracker, Michigan Stimulus (ProPublica)
Recovery Tracker, Stimulus Funding by State & County
Recovery Tracker, Wayne County Michigan (ProPublica)
Report Card for America's Infrastructure (American Council of Civil Engineers)
Resources for Economists on the Internet
Reuters, Business & Finance News
S&L Crisis a Chronological Bibliography (from the FDIC.Gov)
State Economies at a Glance (map)
TARP Programs (U.S. Dept of the Treasury)
Tax Policy Center (from the Brookings Institution)
The Simple Dollar Blog, Financial Resources
Think Tank Search, Google Custom Search of 1,200+ Think Tanks & Research Centers
U.S. Census Bureau: Business & Industry Statistics
U.S. Economy at a Glance
U.S. Monetary Policy, An Introduction (Federal Reserve)
U.S. National Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It (U.S. Treasury Dept)
USDA, Economic Research Service
Visualizing Economics (Visual Collection of Economics data)
Warren Buffett A to Z Video Collection Archive
Web Guide for the New Economy 2020 (Zillman)
WolframAlpha, Money & Finance
World Bank Open Data
World Bank, Open Knowledge Repository
World Bank, Open Knowledge Repository, Browse by Topic
World Economic Forum
World Food Situation (from the UN)
Yahoo Finance
YouTube. Economist Channel