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Higher Education Student Retention
7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education
AACC 21st Century Center
AACC 21st Century Center, Resources by Topic
AACC 21st Century Center, Resources for Reclaiming the American Dream
Achieving The Dream, Knowledge Center
Adult College Completion in the 21st Century: What We Know and What and What We Don't
Best Practices in Retention Models at Community Colleges (2014)
CCSSE Community College Survey of Student Engagement, Retention related links
CCSSE, Matter of Degrees, Practices to Pathways
Center for the Study of College Student Retention home page
Center for the Study of College Student Retention, Retention Issues
Center for the Study of College Student, Retention Reference List
College & Career Readiness & Success Center, Resource database "Retention"
Community College Research Center, “Retention”
Community College Research Center, Student Persistence, Completion and Transfer
Completing College: A National View of Student Attainment Rates, Fall 2008 Cohort
Completion by Design, Knowledge Center
CompletionArch, Data Sources
CompletionArch, Data Tool
CompletionArch, Indicators by State
Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) at the University of Oklahoma
Data Matters: College Completion and the Great Recession
Education Commission of the States (ECS) Research Resources page
Educational Policy Improvement Center, Resource Library
EDUCAUSE Library, Student Retention
EDUCAUSE Library, Student Success
Empowering Community College's to Build the Nation's Future: An Implementation Guide
Engagement Rising (2015 CCSSE Report)
Even One More Semester, 2017 CCCSE Report
Evolllution, Resources by Category Retention
Grad Nation, Resources
How to Define Retention a New Look at an Old Problem
Inside Higher Ed, “Retention” articles
Institutional Retention and Graduation Rates for Undergraduate Students (from NCES)
Jobs for the Future, Resources
Learning Support Centers in Higher Education
Michigan.Gov, Student Retention Resources
NACADA Clearinghouse, Completion Strategies
NACADA Clearinghouse, Graduation and Completion Resources
NACADA Clearinghouse, Retention Related Articles
NACADA Clearinghouse, Student Retention Index webpage
NACADA Clearinghouse, Two year/Community College Resources
National Resource Center, for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, Persistence
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, Reports
Northern Virginia Community College, Student Retention at NVCC and Strategies for Improvement
Persistence and Retention, 2018 Report (National Student Clearinghouse)
Retention Agenda booklet (from Inside Higher Ed)
Retention, Promising and Practical Strategies (U.S. Dept. of Education)
Student Achievement and Retention Web Links (David Arendale)
Student Retention in Florida Community Colleges
Taking Stock of What Matters to Student Success (George Kuh)
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Trends in Community College Enrollment and Completion Data, March 2017
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