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2020, Time 100 Talks
20th Century Great American Business Leaders database
4,000 Years of Women in Science
Academy of Achievement, The Achiever Gallery
American Experience, Biographies (PBS)
American President, Online Reference Resource Center (from the Univ. of Virginia)
Astronaut Biographies (from NASA)
Biographical Dictionary
Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress (1774- present)
Biographical Encylopedia of African Americans (from Black Past.Org)
Biographical Sources in the Sciences (Library of Congress, Science Tracer Bullet Series)
Biographies by Category (from the InfoPlease Almanac)
Biographies in U.S. History
Biographies of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (brief entries)
Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Biography (A&E)
Biography Base
BlackPast.Org, People
Canadian Biographies Online
Collection of Artist Biographies, (Van Gogh Gallery)
Dead or Alive (Famous people are they..)
Encyclopedia of World Biography
ESPN Top North American Athletes of the 20th Century
Governors Biographical, Searchable Database (from the National Governor's Association)
Historical Figures (BBC)
Inventors Hall of Fame, Search Inductees
Justices of the Supreme Court Biographies
Legacy.Com Obituary Search
Math World, Biographies of Mathematicians
Music Academy Online, Composer Biographies
National Academy of Science, Biographical Memoirs
Notable Business Biographies (from Info Please)
Notable Names database (more than 18,000 listings)
Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
POTUS (Presidents of the United States)
Profiles in Science (from the National Library of Medicine)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Inductees
Rulers (1700- present)
Spark Notes Biography
Time Magazine, 100 Talks
U.S. Presidents (from the White House)
Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography